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Dr. Alyssa Bernstein, portrait
Dr. Alyssa Bernstein

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Dr. Alyssa Bernstein, who works in ethics and social and political philosophy, received her Ph.D. from Harvard University in 2000 and has published articles on such topics as human rights, international relations, climate change, and civil disobedience. Her recent article, "Climate Change and Justice: A Non-Welfarist Treaty Negotiation Framework," appeared in Ethics, Policy, and Environment. Learn more about faculty research areas.

Institute for Applied Ethics

Since 2011 the main aim of the Institute has been to promote well-informed, critical reflection about climate change and economic, social, and environmental sustainability in relation to human rights and justice at local, national, and global levels. In relation to professional ethics, the focus has been mainly on the roles of college and university educators and public officials in a democratic society.

Finally, the department facilitates and supports research and scholarly activity in philosophy by the faculty as well as our students.