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Philosophy Graduate Research

Philosophy students’ thesis research contributes to the diversity of research topics and interests represented in the Philosophy Department. In recent years, students wrote theses on the following topics: just war theory, divine command theory, semantic skepticism, theories of quotation in the philosophy of language, genes and natural kinds, virtue and responses to climate change, second-person standpoint in ethics, perspectival realism in science, the principle of non-contradiction in Aristotle, pragmatic encroachment, Samaritan duties and political obligation, theory of sexual consent, and functionalism in Aristotle’s theory of mind.

The Philosophy Department supports student research in several ways:

  • The department requires all students to take a two-semester sequence of seminars on philosophical writing and methodology.
  • Thesis directors work closely with the students from the conception of thesis topics to the end.
  • All faculty members are willing to help every aspect of research done by M.A. students.