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German Minor

Minor code: OR5222

Faculty contactNikhil Sathe, Undergraduate Programs Chair

Program Overview

The German minor allows students to enrich their major program with language skills and cultural understanding. Minors elect five courses at the 3000 or 4000 level in literature, culture, linguistics, film and/or art, which offer rich content and sharpen analytic and critical thinking skills. Minors must earn a grade of C (2.0) or better. Frequent writing assignments and speaking activities reinforce clarity of thought and expression, and small classes offer individual attention and encourage dialog, collaboration, and openness. Many minors participate in study abroad programs.

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Many job listings include foreign language proficiency as a desirable or necessary tool. In addition, a minor in German helps students acquire other types of abilities leading to success in the job market: communication skills, analytical skills, interpersonal skills, a capacity for problem solving, and the ability to learn quickly.

Common major disciplines of students minoring in German include journalism, political science, education, sociology, or business. These students find employment in print or broadcast media, government, teaching, social services, or industry because they possess career-specific skills in addition to general knowledge and language proficiency.

Admissions Information

Freshman/First-Year Admission: No requirements beyond University admission requirements.

Change of Program Policy: No selective or limited admission requirements.

External Transfer Admission: No requirements beyond University admission requirements.


Minor Hours Requirement

The German minor requires a minimum of 15 hours.

German Minor Requirements

Although there are no specific courses required, students must observe individual course prerequisites. Complete five of the following courses with a grade of C or Better in each:

  • GER 3110 - Advanced Conversation and Composition Credit Hours: 3
  • GER 3120 - Advanced Conversation and Composition Credit Hours: 3
  • GER 3215 - Business German Credit Hours: 3
  • GER 3348 - German Culture and Civilization Credit Hours: 3
  • GER 3349 - Austrian Culture and Civilization Credit Hours: 3
  • GER 3550 - Introduction to German Literature I Credit Hours: 3
  • GER 3560 - Introduction to German Literature II Credit Hours: 3
  • GER 3570 - German through Film Credit Hours: 3
  • GER 4439 - Modern Ger Usage Credit Hours: 3
  • GER 4441 - Stylistics Credit Hours: 3
  • GER 4450 - Advanced Language Skills Application Credit Hours: 3
  • GER 4529 - 20th-Century Austrian Literature Credit Hours: 3
  • GER 4533 - German Lyric Poetry Credit Hours: 3
  • GER 4900 - Special Topics Credit Hours: 3