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M.A. in Spanish

Graduate Studies: M.A. in Spanish

Program Code: MA5229

Major code: MA5229

Program Overview

The Master of Arts program in Spanish in the Modern Languages Department offers students the opportunity to learn with an interdisciplinary approach. Students will be able to analyze literature, become informed observers of language usage, and acquire advanced language and cultural skills.

This is a full-time program. Normative time to completion is four semesters (two academic years).

Program Learning Outcomes

Successful graduates of the Master of Arts program will be able to:

  1. Analyze literary and other cultural products and practices through appropriate theoretical and historical lenses.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of phenomena in different subfields of Hispanic linguistics.
  3. Implement teaching strategies in line with current language acquisition theories.

It is also expected that candidates will:

  • Demonstrate deep knowledge of the target language and culture.
  • Compare and contrast world cultures.
  • Identify and describe major literary movements and identify main literary works in each movement.
  • Analyze literary and other cultural products through appropriate theoretical and historical lenses.
  • Analyze linguistic phenomena.
  • Present research results to an audience of professors and peers.
  • Implement teaching strategies in line with current language teaching methods.

Additional Highlights of the Program

  • FLES (Foreign Languages in Elementary Schools): Students interested in exploring teaching as a career path are encouraged to volunteer with our FLES outreach programs.
  • Annual speakers and conferences held at the Athens campus – graduate students are encouraged to attend these.
  • Enhanced language option: students may study a third language during one or two years of the program.
  • Thesis option: complete an extensive research project in literature or Hispanic linguistics.

Opportunities Abroad

Programa de Intercambio con la Universidad de Sevilla, España: This exchange program allows one student per year to study at Universidad de Sevilla in Spain during their second year of the M.A. program. Participants return to Ohio University after their year in Sevilla in order to complete the last year of the M.A. program and take the comprehensive exams. 

Dual Program Opportunities

Students can pursue dual M.A. degrees. Typical combinations include Spanish and Latin American Studies, Spanish and Linguistics, and Spanish and a TEFL certificate.

After Graduation

Our graduates go on to pursuing careers in different fields. Some graduates go on to Ph.D. programs and continue with a career as university professors.

Some accept positions in K-12, both in private and public schools. Some are hired as instructors or adjuncts in colleges and universities across the nation, and others teach abroad privately and/or with programs such as Fulbright or agreements with universities in other countries.

Lastly, some of our graduates ventured out of teaching positions and pursued careers in translation, medical and court interpretation, law school, and non-profit work.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 48 credit hours (about 10-12 courses).

Funding Opportunities

Prospective students considered for admission to the M.A. program are also considered for financial support in the form of teaching assistantships.

Students who are appointed as Teaching Assistants will receive a monthly stipend for services provided to the department, plus a full tuition waiver for the academic year.

Please note: The stipend is for the academic year (mid-August to early May), not the calendar year.

All students are responsible for paying a general fee each term and student health insurance. (If the student is already covered by a health insurance policy, proof must be provided.). The university also charges a Technology Fee each term.

All private expenses such as travel, rent, personal purchases, meals, etc. are not covered by the university.

Reappointment for assistantships can be expected for the duration of the program (four semesters), provided the student maintains at least a 3.00 grade point average in academic work and performs assigned TA responsibilities to the satisfaction of the department as evaluated by the supervisor and other faculty/administrative members.

TA Duties

TAs are appointed to teach first- or second-year language courses. These courses typically meet three times a week for 55 minutes.

Teaching assistants (TAs) are considered instructor of record for the course they will teach. Weekly responsibilities include (but are not limited to): three hours spent in the classroom, time for class preparation, grading, holding two hours of office hours for advising/helping students. It is estimated that students who are appointed as teaching assistants will provide a minimum of 15 hours per week of service to the department.

Please Read

  1. The Frequently Asked Questions for further details regarding finances, funding, and the application process.
  2. The Spanish Graduate Handbook for additional information regarding the program, TA duties, rules, regulations, etc. 

Have Questions? 

For further information regarding admissions, program options, or degree requirements, email Betsy Partyka directly at