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Mathematics Undergraduate Degrees

Choose a mathematics undergraduate degree that fits your career goals.

The Actuarial Science B.S. prepares students for careers in insurance, financial services (i.e. investment management, banking), health administration, energy corporations, environmental organizations, transportation and more.

An Applied Mathematics B.S. includes elective fields of application in biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, engineering, finance, or physics.

The Mathematical Statistics B.S. can lead to high-paying jobs as a "mathematical statistician" in settings such as business, industrial, engineering, government and education.

The B.A. in Mathematics degree is specifically designed to give students the flexibility to double major in Mathematics and another field.

The Mathematics B.S. provides rigorous training for a mathematically intensive career or graduate school in the mathematical sciences.

Prepare for Careers in High Tech and Data Science

Learn to measure risk, explore boundaries, and apply reason

Students studying mathematics at OHIO get the experience they need to succeed in careers in science and technology, business and industry, education and public affairs—and even careers of the future that don't exist yet.

Solve 21st century problems 

Learn how to apply the language of the universe to help solve 21st century problems, from the spread of disease to money laundering. Use biometric statistics to address climate issues. Probe probability algorithms used by Google. Discover how to manage risk.

Christina Myles in a classroom

Launch Your Career with a Mathematics Major

Jake Dummermuth in a classroom

Where Can a Math Degree Take You? Anywhere You Lead

Here’s what Mathematics students at Ohio University have done recently:

  • Created a map of racial and ethnic minority population density in Ohio and taught Math Circles in area schools.
  • Earned a Fulbright award to Germany to write a new programming language.
  • Joined an interdisciplinary research group using mathematical modeling to study biological systems.
  • Interned at KeyBank, National Interstate Insurance, and the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service.
  • Connected with alumni who are fighting money laundering for Discover Financial Services, managing data analytics at Erie Insurance, and teaching math in Arkansas.
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