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Mathematics Undergraduate Degrees

Earn a Mathematics Degree & Study the Universal Language of Math

If the universe has a fundamental language, it’s math. Math not only describes the structures and spaces that make up our world, it also underlies the complex algorithms that make science, engineering, finance and even artificial intelligence possible. With a mathematics degree from Ohio University, you’ll be qualified to work in sectors from education to engineering and beyond.

Math tutoring, support resources, and multiple degree choices empower math majors at Ohio University to earn versatile, always-valuable bachelor’s degrees and acquire practical experience before entering the job market.

Choose What You Want to Learn

  • Mathematics B.S.

    Ohio University's Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is a terrific choice for future researchers, educators, and so much more. It focuses on rigorous and practical mathematical training, with possibilities for a combination with another major in science, technology, and/or engineering.

    Mathematics B.S.

  • Mathematics B.A.

    OHIO's B.A. in Mathematics is a liberal arts degree with a math concentration, offering a well-rounded and comprehensive education that can prepare you for professional careers and graduate school alike. It’s the recommended choice for students interested in math who also want to take additional courses in interdisciplinary topics or work in a variety of different fields over their careers.

    Mathematics B.A.

  • Applied Mathematics B.S.

    The Applied Mathematics program at Ohio University teaches you how to apply mathematical concepts and systems to practical fields and uses. Various electives in topics like chemistry, biology, and engineering enable you to tailor this degree according to your interests or future career prospects.

    Applied Mathematics B.S.

  • Mathematical Statistics B.S.

    The Mathematical Statistics program prioritizes statistics courses and analysis techniques. Students understand the foundations and applications of statistics, so it's ideal for pursuing high-paying jobs in the business, government, education, and industrial sectors.

    Mathematical Statistics B.S.

  • Actuarial Science B.S.

    The Actuarial Science program is the go-to mathematics degree choice for future actuaries, offering a strong selection of business-related classes. Actuarial science majors will be ready to pass their first actuarial exams before they graduate, as well as be practically prepared for jobs in financial services, insurance, transportation, and other industries.

    Actuarial Science B.S.

Choose Where You Want to Learn

  • Athens, OH, Residential Campus

    Math majors at OHIO will take the majority of their classes at our residential campus in Athens. It’s the perfect place to study, make friends, and meet up with professors for one-on-one mentorship when needed. It’s also the hub of OHIO’s various math clubs and student organizations, which are great for exploring the professional potential ahead of you.

  • Regional Campuses

    Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Ohio University can take prerequisite or general education classes at our regional campuses. However, whatever path you decide to take, you’ll need to transfer to Athens to complete your math program.

    Chillicothe Campus

    Eastern Campus>

    Lancaster Campus

    Southern Campus

    Zanesville Campus

Prepare for Careers in High Tech and Data Science

Learn to measure risk, explore boundaries, and apply reason

Students studying mathematics at OHIO get the experience they need to succeed in careers in science and technology, business and industry, education and public affairs—and even careers of the future that don't exist yet.

Solve 21st century problems

Learn how to apply the language of the universe to help solve 21st century problems, from the spread of disease to money laundering. Use biometric statistics to address climate issues. Probe probability algorithms used by Google. Discover how to manage risk.

Christina Myles in a classroom

Careers in Mathematics

Wondering what jobs you can get with a mathematics degree? With a degree in mathematics from Ohio University, you’ll have more career options than you may expect! Possible mathematics jobs you can pursue may include:

  • Statistician
  • Mathematician
  • Math teacher
  • Accountant
  • Financial analyst
  • Economist
  • Engineer
  • Computer programmer
  • Cryptographer
  • Data analyst
  • Market researcher

OHIO's math programs are designed so that you can take electives or a dual major in your field of choice. Overall, a mathematics degree is a stellar choice for students who want to keep their professional options open!

Christina Myles in a classroom

Post-grad Opportunities for Mathematics

After graduating, math majors at Ohio University can directly apply to grad school programs, including our Mathematics Ph.D. or Mathematics M.S. Either of these could prepare you for higher-paying positions in education, industry, and more – and you'll get to continue benefitting from the resources and clubs at the Athens campus all the while.

However, many of our math majors pursue graduate degrees in other majors after earning their bachelor’s in math. Graduate degrees in finance, statistics, and more could be available to you depending on the prerequisite classes you’ve taken. You can speak to your advisor before your senior year to plan out your grad school path.

Of course, you’ll also be prepared to jump right into the job market with a mathematics degree from Ohio University. Since math is such a universally applicable subject, you can look for work in a variety of different industries!

More about Careers & InternshipsPreparing for Graduate School

Jake Dummermuth in a classroom

Where Can a Math Degree Take You? Anywhere You Lead

Here’s what Mathematics students at Ohio University have done recently:

  • Created a map of racial and ethnic minority population density in Ohio and taught Math Circles in area schools.
  • Earned a Fulbright award to Germany to write a new programming language.
  • Joined an interdisciplinary research group using mathematical modeling to study biological systems.
  • Interned at KeyBank, National Interstate Insurance, and the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service.
  • Connected with alumni who are fighting money laundering for Discover Financial Services, managing data analytics at Erie Insurance, and teaching math in Arkansas.
See College of Arts & Sciences alumni changemakers.
Chris Albers Denhart

Get Hands-on Experience with Your Mathematics Degree

Our math programs provide important experiential learning opportunities for students. What you learn in the class is also valuable and applicable in the field, so you’ll get the chance to participate in research projects, join clubs, and more.

  • Gain Experience with an Internship

    While math majors at Ohio University aren’t required to complete an internship, many students nonetheless pursue internship opportunities to boost their resumes and practice using math for work. OHIO’s math careers and internship page can help you find new internships in Athens and beyond.

  • Pursue Undergraduate Research

    Undergraduate research provides ample opportunities to use your math skills to do good for the world, help companies, and experiment with different career paths. Your success advisor and faculty members can help you find the right research project to pursue.

  • Attend the Park City Mathematics Institute

    Students can apply to the Park City Mathematics Institute, where math majors can study mathematics over a three-week residential summer session in Park City, Utah. It includes time at an Experimental Math Lab, an in-depth and engaging experience for math majors who love immersing themselves in mathematics.

  • Crunch Numbers with Like-Minded Students

    OHIO supports various math-related student organizations and clubs, like the Ohio University Mathematics Club, the Association for Women in Mathematics, and an American Mathematical Society Chapter. Any of these organizations are stellar for making friends, sharing your love of math, and experiencing unique events.

  • Attend math-focused events

    During their time at Ohio University, students can explore math applications, research developments, and more at events running throughout the year. Check out the college's events page to keep track of what’s coming up!

Why Choose a Mathematics Degree?

Why study mathematics? Math is everywhere. As the universal language, it’s needed for many different industries, ranging from engineering to computer science. Far from being a less-than-marketable skill, math is desired by employers around the globe, and companies love to hire mathematicians due to their versatile analytical skills.

Simply put, with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, you’ll be equipped to work in many different fields and professions depending on the electives you take, the experience you earn, and any future credentials you choose to pursue. Indeed, with a mathematics degree, you’ll be prepared for a varied, exciting career wherever you want to go.

In contrast, a more-focused degree narrows your professional possibilities to one type of option, but a math degree leaves room to grow, change, and evolve your career in a totally different direction.

Of course, some of our students pursue mathematics degrees because they love the subject! There’s an inherent beauty and art in the universal language, and you can dive deep into it at Ohio University.

Student Support Resources for Mathematics Majors

OHIO supports our math majors and other students by providing them with a variety of resources, like dedicated success advisors in the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs and faculty support. There are math tutoring labs and other tutoring resources you can take advantage of, as well – no math student is left behind. When you study at Ohio University, we do our utmost to ensure you graduate on time.

The OHIO Experience for Mathematics Majors

Math majors at Ohio University study in the classroom, but they also have multiple opportunities to put their skills into practice through internships, undergraduate research, and other experiential learning. It forms the core of the OHIO experience for every major, including mathematics!

This experiential learning is a major boost to your career and your understanding of the subject.  You’ll know how to use math in your future profession, whether as a teacher, an analyst, or something else. Using math is the best way to master it – and you’ll feel like a mathematics master by the time you graduate!

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