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About the Ohio University Genomics Facility

The Ohio University Genomics Facility was founded in 2007 to support the research, education, and prestige of the Ohio University community.

Located on the fifth floor of Porter Hall on Ohio University's main campus, the Genomics Facility provides research and educational support to Ohio University. The facility offers Next-Generation Sequencing services, Sanger sequencing, Fragment Analysis, qPCR, data analysis, and much more to the researchers of Ohio University as well as the outside research community.

In addition to bench-work services, the Genomics Facility stands out from its competition in offering educational services to all members of OHIO. The facility offers guest lectures in the classroom, seminars, research group presentations, and tours to enrich the education provided to undergraduate, graduate, and medical students alike.

The facility maintains an open door policy from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and staff can be available outside of these normal hours as needed.

The research and educational services are completely customizable; staff are committed to meeting researchers' needs in every way possible.