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Bioinformatics & DNA Tools

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Modern molecular biology is impossible without access to the tools needed for everything from basic sequence management software and primer calculators to informatics databases and reference managers.

This page serves as an ever-growing repository of some of the most necessary DNA tools that the Ohio University Genomics Facility is aware of, and it will continue to grow as new and better resources become available.

Publication and Sequence Databases

Sequence Management and Manipulation Software

  • CLC Genomics Workbench
    • CLC Genomics Workbench is licensed software for sequence storage and manipulation (cloning, primer design, restriction mapping, etc.) as well as NGS data analysis. The OUGF currently maintains two licenses for this software.
    • The CLC Tutorials and Manual are both good resources for getting started.
  • CLC Sequence Viewer
    • The slimmed down version of CLC. Capable of basic sequence manipulation and viewing. Most analysis and files created in Workbench are viewable in Sequence Viewer.
  • https://bioinformatics.ca/links_directory/
    • A huge directory of bioinformatics tools, databases, and other resources.


  • IDT Oligo Analyzer
    • Primer design tool for calculating the melt temp, GC content, dimerization, and other characterization of primers
    • IDT also maintains tools for Primer design for qPCR experiments
  • Galaxy
    • Workflow design for automating analysis of large datasets and batches
  • Quick Calculators
    • A set of calculators for quick use in statistics, data simulation, molarity calculators, and many more.