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Current Candidates

Business students sit at tables and listen during a presentation

Career Recruitment

Our partners are currently interviewing our candidates for both full-time and internship positions. The next career fair will be held in the spring of 2023. 

More details will be emailed to you the closer we get to this important event but for right now have a look at all of our current partners.

Curriculum and Internships

Sales Certificate

Sales Certificate Internship Requirements

To complete the Schey Sales Certificate, students are required to complete a sales-based internship. Following the completion of the internship the student must complete MKT 4910.

MKT 4910 is a one credit, permission only course that will be taken asynchronously.

The student will not be able to register for the course themselves. Instead, the student will be manually enrolled in the course once they have completed the prerequisites. The student must ensure they have completed BOTH of the following prerequisites BEFORE taking MKT 4910:

  • Attend the MANDATORY pre-internship workshops PRIOR to the internship
  • Complete 120 or more hours of a sales internship

*Students cannot complete MKT 4910 if they did not attend the pre-internship workshop. The MANDATORY pre-internship workshop is offered in April of the spring semester. The dates of this workshop will be communicated through the Schey weekly emails so please pay attention to these carefully.

In sum, to attain the sales internship credit students must do the following in SEQUENTIAL order:

  1. Attend the pre internship workshop (April of Spring semester)*
  2. Complete at least 120 hours of a sales-based internship (Summer)
  3. Complete MKT 4910 (Fall semester)

Students can only receive Schey internship credit through this process. However, if a student completes this process their College of Business Internship credit requirement is automatically met. 

If a student is unsure if their internship meets the sales-based requirement or has any further questions, please reach out to Dr. Andrew Pueschel at


Scholarships available to current candidates.

Thank you to our generous donors who help make a bright future possible for our students:

AmountScholarship Title
$1,000Mike Cady and Chris Johnson Doer Scholarship Award
$500The Schey Sales Centre Alumni Society Scholarship
$1,000Jim Wycoff Fair-Unfair Advantage Sales Centre Outstanding Student Award
$500The Scott Durcanin Sales Centre Endowed Scholarship Fund
$1,000The Steve and Sharon Rowley Scholarship
$500The Tom Starr "Miracles for Life" Scholarship

Four students will receive the following scholarship:

AmountScholarship Title
$4,000The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre Endowment (4x)

Two students will receive each of the following scholarships:

AmountScholarship Title
$1,000Carol and Harold Harbeitner, Jr. Scholarship
$1,000Wiedemer Sales Centre Endowment 
$1,000Axline Scholarship in Professional Selling 

Additional Scholarships

The Schey provided $102,000 in scholarships annually and continues to grow as more of our alumni find success in their careers and wish to give back. 

Ambassador Club

The Ambassador Club is designed to recognize those candidates who actively participate in the Sales Centre, take advantage of the professional and personal development opportunities available to them, and strive to make the Schey Sales Centre better.

Process to be admitted into the Ambassador Club

  1. Sales Certificate Candidates earn points for attending events and meetings.
  2. Point values vary based on the event.
  3. To qualify, Candidates must earn a total of 80% of the points possible in a semester.
  4. Candidates can become ineligible for the Ambassadors’ Club by failing to behave professionally.

Benefits to Membership

  1. Students can list the semester they earned Ambassador Club status on their resumes (similar to Dean’s List).
  2. A list of Ambassador Club members will be sent via email to the PSAB and Corporate Partner Recruiters each semester.
  3. Students with at least one semester in the Ambassador Club become eligible for prizes.
  4. Students will be recognized at board meetings, at annual appreciation events and at annual award events.