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Advisory Boards

The College of Business has several advisory boards that help different departments and the college overall open doors for students to learn through internships and, after graduation, secure permanent positions. View details and contacts for each advisory board below.

Executive Advisory Board

The Executive Advisory Board supports university-wide initiatives and contributes to College of Business projects, provide curriculum input that reflects ever-changing business trends, and help strategize long-term goals.

Executive Advisory Board

Departmental Advisory Boards

  • Accounting Advisory Board — view members and associate members that are active on this board.
  • AIS Advisory Board — provides industry insight into the Management Information Systems (MIS) curriculum and advises the MIS faculty of current trends and developments in the field to improve the relevance of the MIS curriculum.
  • Business Analytics Advisory Board — view members that are active on this board.
  • Finance Advisory Council — brings the professional and academic communities together by fostering communication between the faculty of the Finance Department and professionals in the field.
  • Marketing Advisory Board — strives to continuously improve the educational opportunities available and to ensure Ohio University’s recognition as one of the premier marketing programs in Ohio, the U.S., and the world.