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Schey Sales Centre Current Students

New Members' Experience

Hear from Julia Mattox and Macie Adams on the experience new members have in the organization.

Julie Mattox, student director for the Schey Sales Centre
Macie Adams, student director for the Schey Sales Centre

Hi, I'm Julie (first/left) and I'm Macie (second/right), and we're your student directors who onboard all of the new members into the program.

With all that the Schey Sales Centre has to offer, it can be overwhelming and intimidating. To ease the process and make sure you are at your full potential, you will be brought into the onboarding process. In this roughly 8 week session, there will be professional development workshops, diversity and inclusion workshops, engagement with corporate partners, career fairs, and so much more. 

With the changes that everyone now has to accommodate, we will be moving to a full virtual experience. Interviews will now be over Zoom, as well as the preparation workshops to get ready for your interview. To adapt and keep our students at their best, the Schey will now be running workshops showing you how to fully utilize working and starting a career virtually. 

After having gone through the Onboarding process and taking full advantage of the opportunity for development ourselves, we're passionate about ensuring every student has the same opportunities to grow. Knowing how to go into an interview feeling confident and prepared makes the difference between a person who will secure a job and one that won’t. Overall, we feel like the Schey has opened us up to a network of people and connections that helped launch our own personal success.

First-Years Welcome!

With professional development opportunities every week, you'll grow fast with the Schey behind you.

Delaney Allen, junior studying finance

Delaney Allen

I am a junior at Ohio University studying finance, marketing, and pursuing a sales certificate. Outside of my involvement in the Schey Sales Centre, I act as the Leadership Engagement Specialist for Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and as the networking trip lead for the junior class in the Select Leaders program. Additionally, I am a college of business student ambassador and I am an active member of Snowcats, a ski club on campus.

Why did you join the Schey?
As a freshman in college, you’re told to “get involved” repetitively. When going to a school with 20,000+ students, joining organizations helps the campus suddenly not seem so big anymore and exposes you to new people and opportunities. Having had an older sister that was in the program when I was a freshman, I knew that the Schey was something I was interested in. Learning of her networking experiences, relationships she had built with the professors, and internship opportunities presented, it was apparent that this organization was worth considering. After attending an information session and furthering my knowledge on the programs 100% job placement and wealth of professional development opportunities, I was all in. 

How has the Schey impacted you? 
The Schey has been a contributing factor in nearly all of my professional success throughout college. I attribute my leadership ability and confidence in professional settings to the Schey. Between the networking trips, leadership positions I’ve taken on, and access to the amazing faculty and corporate partners, Schey has effected my college experience instrumentally. Additionally, the organization led me to pursue a transformative internship experience this past summer. 

What’s your favorite memory/experience you’ve had in the Schey?
My favorite Schey memory is when I took on the role of Director of Onboarding going into the spring of my freshman year. Never would I have thought that I would grow so much personally and professionally by being on the Schey leadership team. It forced me outside of my comfort zone and gave me the tools needed to get involved in other areas on campus and allowed me to build a network of people. The Schey has opportunities for individuals to flourish it’s just a matter of chasing those opportunities. 

Zane Maier, sophomore majoring in marketing and analytics

Zane Maier

I am going into my sophomore year here at OU. My majors are Marketing and Analytics, and I was accepted into the Schey the fall semester of my freshman year.

Why did you join the Schey?
The main reason I wanted to join the Schey early was to maximize the opportunity the Schey provides to every member. I believed joining early would do nothing but benefit my future.

How has the Schey impacted you?
One beneficial thing I’ve taken away from the Schey is the network. Through the Schey, I’ve been able to develop relationships with other members as well as partners of the Schey. I’ve also been able to increase my knowledge in sales due to the experiences the Schey has provided me.

What's your favorite memory/experience you’ve had in the Schey? 
My favorite memory from my first year in the Schey would have to be the career fair because it gave me an opportunity to be able to talk face to face with lots of potential employers. 


Hear how former DECA students took their skills to the next level with the Schey!

Nathan Gregg, senior marketing and business analytics student

Nathan Gregg

Hi, I'm Nathan Gregg!

I am a senior marketing and business analytics student from Massillon, OH. I had the privilege of joining the Schey Sales Centre in my first semester of my freshman year! 

Why did you join the Schey?
As a former DECA student in high school, I knew that the Schey was the place I needed to be to progress my professional development. After my experience as a DECA student in high school, I was searching for a competitive environment to develop my skills to new heights; the Schey was a perfect fit.

How has the Schey impacted you?
The Schey has given me a platform to display my professional skills in front of some of the best companies in the business world. Having access to these contacts has gave me a clear pathway to employment after graduation. 

What's your favorite memory/experience you’ve had in the Schey? 
My favorite memory from the Schey was last year's Ohio Cup with the Sales Cats team. The Ohio Cup is a sales role-play competition against other Schey members. During this event, I made new connections, learn new skills, and finished 2nd place overall!

Alex Berbari, junior marketing & analytics major

Alex Berbari

Hi, I'm Alex Berbari!

I am currently a Junior studying Marketing & Analytics, with a focus in Sales. This will be my second semester as the Director of First Impressions. 

Why did you join the Schey?
I joined the Schey because of the limitless amount of professional development. As a freshman, I wanted to join an organization that provided opportunity for leadership and improved post-college career success. Having competed and participated in DECA actively in high school I thought it was a perfect fit. I came in with an interest in sales so getting into the Schey was a top priority. 

How has the Schey impacted you?
The Schey has impacted me in numerous ways. However, my time as the Director of First Impressions has given me the opportunity to grow as a leader and to expand my professional network. Without the Schey, I would not have been able to have been a top performer at my past two summer internships with industry leading companies. 

What's your favorite memory/experience you’ve had in the Schey? 
My favorite memory was Recruitment in the 2019 Fall semester. It was my first semester on CAC and I was able to meet several likeminded, motivated students. We are able to collectively work alongside the recruitment team in order to break the Schey recruitment record!

Take Your Experience Further

We take growth seriously. Hear where one of our members has taken his college experience:

Sam Wilson, sophomore double-majoring in finance and business pre-law

Sam Wilson

I’m a sophomore, double majoring in finance and business pre-law. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh PA and I joined the Schey my first semester of freshman year.

Why did you join the Schey?
I chose to join the Schey early on because I was hungry for real skills and ways to grow professionally. I saw nothing but positives from joining the Schey and I truly felt as if it was a necessary stepping stone on the road to success. 

How has the Schey impacted you?
The Schey has given me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and develop my public speaking skills. Also, the Schey has provided numerous opportunities for me to develop my personal and professional network.

What's your favorite memory/experience you’ve had in the Schey?
My favorite memory from the Schey was the spring semester interviews. It was truly an amazing experience sitting across from potential Schey student, hearing their story’s and their skill sets, knowing I had been in their place only a few months before. Being able to track my own personal and professional growth, while also assisting others on that same journey, has not only been my favorite part of the Schey, but my favorite part of OHIO as a whole.