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The Business Cluster

Business students sit around a table trying to problem-solve during a Business Cluster team

The Integrated Business Cluster (IBC) is consistently cited as one of the most valuable educational experiences by students and alumni. The concept of the IBC is simple. Bring teachers from multiple disciplines into one class and have students work as teams to solve business problems. Professors represent business communication, management, analytics and information systems, and marketing.

Student teams are then challenged to apply what they've learned from all four disciplines to solve authentic business problems. Students learn and integrate key concepts, and also gain practical experience in leadership, time management, teamwork, problem solving, and analytical thinking.

“The Business Cluster is an awesome experience that is hard to appreciate until it’s over because the professors expect so much from you. The final project is to write a 50-60 page paper and make a 10 minute presentation in front of a live client. It seems impossible, but by the time you’re done, you’re left wondering how you can fit all that you’ve learned into a 60 page paper and a 10 minute presentation." —Gary Dillabaugh, senior