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After being inducted into the Schey Sales Centre Program, students complete a 16 credit hour sales certificate. This sales certificate is for undergraduates in any major who want to develop knowledge and skill in professional selling. Included in this certificate is a sales internship along with cross-disciplinary courses.

Admission is highly competitive and students must apply for this interdisciplinary classroom experience. 

Our approach works. We have a 100 percent placement rate prior to graduation – 100 percent of Schey Sales Centre graduates have a great job secured before they graduate from Ohio University. We place an emphasis on developing you as a high-potential candidate – one that is experienced and self-aware. We have more than 40 corporate sponsors ready to provide you with an internship and full-time employment before you even receive your diploma.

Courses in Sales Certificate

Core Courses (12 credit hours)

All students complete the following four courses:

  • MKT 3580 — Foundations of Professional Sales
    Combines personal selling theory with actual practice. Students learn skills needed for successful careers in sales and marketing. Requisites: MKT 2020 or 2400, Credit Hours: 3.0
  • MKT 4580 — Sales Management
    A look into sales management topics to prepare students for careers in sales and sales leadership. Requisites: MKT 3580, Credit Hours: 3.0.
  • MKT 4680 — Consultative Sales
    Sales capstone course for college seniors focused on selling as a career. Students will learn how to successfully match the selling process with a decision maker’s buying process. Requisites: MKT 3580, Credit Hours: 3.0
  • MKT 4780 — Sales Strategy & Technology
    Explores the strategy and science of selling. Students learn how to analyze their customers’ needs, how to develop their selling opportunities, what customers want today from professional salespeople and how to use sales technology. Requisites: MKT 3580, Credit Hours: 3.0

Sales Internship (1 credit hour)

Complete the following course:

  • MKT 4910 — Sales Internship
    Sales Internship. Requisites: Permission required, Credit Hours: 1.0. Learn more about the internship process. 

Elective Cross Disciplinary Courses (3 credit hours)

Complete one of the following courses for 3 credit hours total:

  • COMS 1030 — Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • COMS 2060 — Communication in Interpersonal Relationships
  • COMS 2150 — Argumentative Analysis and Advocacy
  • COMS 2020 — Communication and Persuasion
  • ET 2800 — Engineering and Technology - Overview
  • FIN 2020 — Foundations of Financial Management
  • JOUR 2500 — Introduction to Strategic Communication
  • PHIL 1300 — Introduction to Ethics
  • SASM 4350 — Sport Promotion and Sales Management

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Whether you're a current OHIO student or a high schooler who is looking at sales programs, to learn more about the Schey Sales Centre and its sales certificate, please contact Dr. James "Mick" Andzulis.