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About the Schey Sales Centre

From humble beginnings to a nationally renowned program the Schey looks to continue improving the best undergraduate sales education in the country.  

To the people who have shaped us: From all of us here at the Schey, thank you.

Corlett Society

The Corlett Society was formed by the Cabinet of the Professional Sales Advisory Board (PSAB) in 2011 to recognize and thank PSAB members who have enhanced the Schey Sales Centre by their service on the Centre's Advsiory Board.

The Corlett Society is named in honor of Glenn Corlett, Dean of the College of Business for 10 years from 1997 to 2007. An Ohio University Alumnus himself, Dean Corlett played a key role in the founding, start-up, naming, growth and success of the Sales Centre. He received the Schey Sales Centre’s Lifetime Friend award, the highest honor the Centre bestows, in 2007.

Corlett Society Members

  • Jim Wycoff
  • Jason Jordan
  • Kenny Kerr
  • Alan McMillan
  • Chris Johnson
  • Tom Starr
  • Jerry Colletti
  • Jack Pickard
  • Laurie Lach
  • Jeff Montelisciani
  • Marsha Herzog
  • Greg Kaple
  • Doug Bohannon

Lifetime Friend Award

The Lifetime Friend of the Schey Sales Centre Award is the highest honor the Centre bestows. Established in 2003, it is awarded to individuals who have made a significant difference in the success of the Centre and thus to the career success of the Real Product of the Centre, our Sales Certificate Candidates who become alums upon graduation with a Sales Certificate.

Award Recipients

  • Ralph and Luci Schey
  • Dr. William Day
  • Tom Cooke
  • Shaun Holloway
  • Connie Knowlton
  • Dr. Barbara Dyer
  • Glenn Corlett
  • Adam Moyer
  • Mary Strother
  • Tom Starr
  • Howard Stevens
  • David Underwood
  • Mike Cady
  • Dr. Catherine Axinn
  • Christopher Johnson
  • Marsha Herzog
  • Art Sobczak
  • Jerry Colletti
  • Kristen Janutolo
  • Dr. Dawn Deeter
  • Alan McMillan
  • Doug Bohannon
  • Larry McHale
  • Julie Wells
  • Ray Taylor
  • Jeffrey Gitomer
  • Hoy Seckinger
  • Mark Orbe
  • Ken Hartung

A Brief History

It all started in 1993, a group of highly successful Ohio University alumni got together and talked about the need for sales education. A few informal meetings led by Tom Starr and Jim Wycoff led to more meetings with fellow soon-to-be-founders Bill Axline, Hal Harbeitner, Larry McHale, Julie Zdanowicz, and Lisa Napolitano. They met to brainstorm how a college should approach sales education, what the curriculum should include, and just as importantly how to fund it. Throughout the entire process Ralph Schey, longtime CEO and President of Scott Fetzer, followed the progress of sales education at Ohio University and promised funding. Upon the arrival of Dean Glenn Corlett and Dr. Barbara Dyer the Sales Centre plans began cementing on paper. The Sales Centre was officially founded in 1997 becoming one of the very first of its kind. It was in 2006 that, through the generosity of the Schey family, the Centre became the Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre. The Schey’s continued excellence has been highlighted by superior competition finishes and highly successful alumni.


After having won multiple national and international competitions the Schey Sales Centre made the decision in 2023 to focus on running internal competitions and development opportunities. As the program's scale has grown to 650+ students our focus continues to be on developing every student to be the best they possibly can be. This internal-focused model allows us to be the most efficient with our financial resources and ensure our corporate partners retain exclusive recruiting access to our students via our events.

The Schey is proud to be recognized as a Top Sales Program by the Sales Education Foundation.