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Schey Sales Centre Alumni Stories

Hear the experiences from some of our alumni.

Jenn Vance, 2020 graduate in marketing and management

Jenn Vance

I'm a May 2020 Graduate in Marketing and Management with a Sales Certificate. I was also a former Co-Chair of the Schey Sales Centre. I currently work at in the mortgage lending industry out of Columbus, OH.

Why did you join the Schey?
I chose to join the Schey for professional development and to ensure I had a job after college. The job market is competitive and it is no longer enough to just have a degree - employers want to see what else you've done. The Schey gave me sales and leadership experience that is hard to come by which gave me a HUGE advantage when applying to companies.

What resources did you use while in the Schey?
To succeed in my full-time job search I relied heavily on my network. It is so easy to apply to a job online, but using my network and having personal introductions to recruiters or other individuals within a company made a big difference. I attended networking events and workshops that involved companies I was interested in, went to career fairs, and sought the help of faculty and staff of the Schey to help me apply to full-time positions.

How did the Schey help you?
The Schey was the biggest factor that set me apart from other candidates in job interviews. I was able to talk about my leadership experience, sales curriculum, and public speaking opportunities I had from the program. A major benefit of being in the Schey is that it is the largest sales program in the country, other candidates just didn't have access to the resources and opportunities that come from being in such a large and well-established organization!

How did the Schey help you as you graduated in the middle of a pandemic?
Graduating during a pandemic is something I never thought would happen to me, and due to circumstances out of my control I was out of a job before it even started! If I hadn't been in the Schey during college I would have been in a complete panic, but because of the network I had made I was talking to another recruiter within an hour of hearing I no longer had an offer, and had secured a new job within the week. The skills I developed in the Schey were more than what can be taught in a classroom, and I know that no matter what life throws at me I will be prepared for it because of my time in the program.

Andy Vu, OHIO graduate in exercise physiology and business administration minor

Andy Vu

I graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor's in Exercise Physiology and a minor in Business Administration. At first, I thought I wanted to be a personal trainer for athletes or a physical therapist. But after getting hands-on experience with both these practices and discovering I had a keen knack and preference to work in an entrepreneurial and business environment, I decided to pivot in my last year at OU to find a sales job post graduation. I currently live in San Francisco, CA working for Sumo Logic. 

Why did you join the Schey?
The main part of that shift was joining the Schey after I read their value pitch claiming that 100% of Schey members have a job offer upon graduation. They weren't lying! But you only get out of it as much as you put in it.

What resources did you use while in the Schey?
I decided I would use the opportunities the Schey offered to professionally develop my skills and build my acumen. This included classes, workshops, and programs like the ExSell team where I had the chance to practice B2C and B2B tactics. The funny part is, even though all this benefitted me, it also benefited the Schey which is a reflection of what a great sales result is where both parties win.

How did the Schey help you?
These experiences will help you stand out amongst your peers and there are a multiplitude of companies partnered with the Schey who are hungry to recruit Schey students with these experiences. Fast forward 15 months into my first job out of college and I have the opportunity to make 6 figures in an amazing Silicon Valley start-up that the Schey connected me with. Joining the Schey was truly a life changing experience.

Cole Powers, 2020 OHIO graduate

Cole Powers

I am a 2020 Ohio University graduate and four year active member of the Schey. Throughout my time in the Schey, I was able to compete nationally on the Sales Cats Competition Team and learn from our amazing faculty. Perhaps my favorite accomplishment was leading the Marketing Department as the VP of Marketing and helping build our entire digital strategy. I now work for ServiceNow out of the Boston, MA office.

Why did you join the Schey?
I joined the Schey because I wanted to surround myself with people who were motivated and wanted to build a better future for themselves. Everyone I met from the Schey was very friendly and helpful which made me want to join as soon as possible.

What resources did you use while in the Schey?
My relationships with Schey faculty and the network I built over my four years in the program made my job search as seamless as possible. There are so many people I met that wanted to help me find the best job at the right company.

How did the Schey help you?
The Schey exposes you to so many professional opportunities that make interviews so much less stressful. Whether it be help from staff or your peers, everyone is extremely generous with their time.

What was it like to compete on the Sales Cats team?
Competing on the Sales Cats Team gave me weekly coaching from some of the best minds in sales education. The one on one coaching and real life experience I gained from my internships give me a lot of confidence that I will succeed in my current role.