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Business students sit in a classroom
Develop yourself. Get a job.
College is fun (we have plenty), but we know the reason we're here is to start our careers off right. That's where the Schey fits in.

Schey Recruiting

100% of our graduates have full-time jobs at graduation. What are you waiting for?

Take control of your future.

We'll let you in on a secret, you don't need to know what you want to do right this minute. But we know one thing for sure: you're going to have to be a master communicator with some serious business acumen to be successful in the world we live in. We teach the fundamentals from communication, persuasion, and professionalism to take you from the bricks of Athens to wherever you want to go. Our network of 48+ corporate partners and 1,900 alumni connect you to internships, full-time jobs, and more. It's why every one of our seniors had a job offer before graduation.

corporate partners that hire our students for internships and full-time jobs
alumni located around the world, always willing to mentor and help
of seniors have had job offers before they even graduated

    Student Organizations

    Joining the Schey as a candidate is just the beginning. We offer multiple ways to dive into a leadership role, gain extra experience, and apply your education.


    Professional Development

    Our outside-the-classroom learning experiences will develop you to be tomorrow's sales star. Look through our professional development opportunities that are available to Schey candidates.

Alumni & Current Students' Stories

Want to take the next step in your future?

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