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College Leadership

Providing direction, removing roadblocks, and ensuring progress for faculty, staff, and students.

Our Commitment 

The focus of the College of Business Dean’s Office remains constant: We're committed to helping others succeed so that we all succeed. We provide thoughtful leadership to our faculty and staff and support them in evolving with industry trends to deliver the highest quality education for future business leaders. 

In a time when higher education is in a state of massive disruption, having strong leadership matters. Our executive leadership team ensures the fulfillment of our mission and the continued advancement of our College of Business. 

Our Vision

We are Bobcats! Agile professionals who are disciplined risk takers, life-long learners, and curious global citizens. We are Ohio University's College of Business - the educational choice of tomorrow's leaders.

Our Mission

We inspire innovators who strategically create value. We motivate leaders who serve with grit and determination. We nurture self-aware citizens who better the world of business.

Our Values

  • We serve students first, so they serve.
  • We teach principled leadership.
  • We embrace diversity of thought and community.
  • We offer individualized paths to success.
  • We foster relationships that last.
  • We deliver on our promises.

College Executive Leadership 

Chair; Associate Professor; Director of Academics, The Ralph & Luci Schey Sales Centre
Copeland 514B
Associate Professor of Instruction; Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurship
CoLab, Alden Library 301
Executive in Residence; Executive Director, AECOM Center for Sports Administration; Director, Masters of Sports Administration Program
Muck 304
Chair; Leona Hughes Associate Professor of Finance
Copeland Hall 514G
Associate Dean; Associate Provost for Academic Budget Planning
Copeland 614B
Leona Hughes Professor of Finance
Copeland 514E
O'Bleness Associate Professor; Director, CIBED
Copeland 409A
Chair; O'Bleness Professor of AIS
Copeland 514
Associate Professor; Director, Center for Consumer Research & Analytics
Copeland 409B
Assistant Dean, Graduate & Professional Programs Administration
CBA 342
Professor of Instruction; Director, Center for Professional Communication
CBA 014
Associate Dean, External Affairs; The Ralph and Luci Schey Professor of Sales; Executive Director Schey Sales Centre
Copeland 209
Executive in Residence; Executive Director, Robert D. Walter Center for Strategic Leadership
Copeland 401A
Associate Professor; Chair, Management Department
Copeland 334
Director; O’Bleness Professor of Accountancy
Copeland 514A
Director of Undergraduate Programs; Chair; Robert H. Freeman Associate Professor of Sport Management
Copeland Hall 614A