Ohio University

OHIO Employee Wellness

OHIO Employee Wellness

Did you know that Ohio University is a Silver level Healthy Worksite Award recipient from the Healthy Business Council of Ohio?

Ohio University also scores higher than the national average on all categories of the HERO Health and Well-being Best Practices Scorecard.

Various resources and policies exist for University employees seeking support along their wellness journey. Wellness is more than just fitness; it's about the whole person. Employees can seek support with finances, stress reduction, health, relationships, work/life balance, nutrition and so much more. Let WellWorks help you find the right path for your unique journey.

Employee Assistance Program:

Any Ohio University employee/spouse/partner is invited to utilize the Employee Assistance Program for support and resources regarding eldercare, childcare, parenting, finances, health, education, counseling, crisis intervention and so much more!

Personalized Medical Guidance:

Faculty, staff and family members have access to the Personalized Medical Guidance (PMG) program through Impact Solutions to navigate through their medical journey and the healthcare system.

100 Day Challenge:

If you are a benefits-eligible employee (or spouse/partner of a benefits-eligible employee) and a WellWorks member, you can participate in the 100 Day Challenge. If you check-in at WellWorks 100 days in a single fiscal year, Human Resources will pay for next year's membership (taxable benefit).

Healthy OHIO:

Benefits-Participating employees and their benefits-enrolled spouses/partners can participate in Healthy OHIO and earn up to $260 each (taxable benefit added to the employee's paycheck).

Anthem Discounts:

Enrolled in the University's medical coverage? Check out the discounts and programs available to you through Anthem. To find wellness-related discounts, log-in to your Anthem account, hover over “Care” and select “Discounts.” An example of the discounts includes: fitness trackers, skin care creams, acupuncture, massage, contact lenses, pet insurance and so much more!

Wellness Discounts through Vision Coverage:

Are you enrolled in VSP? Discover wellness-related savings on the VSP website. More than just eyeglasses and contacts, you can save money on LASIK and fitness equipment and earn cash back on everyday purchases through VSP(r) Simple Values.

Health and Wellness Coaching:

University employees looking for support from a Health and Wellness Coach can set-up a free appointment by calling WellWorks, 740.593.2093.

Tobacco Cessation:

HeartWorks, a division of WellWorks, hosts regular Tobacco Cessation classes. New 6-week sessions start on May 14, July 9, September 3 and October 29. For more information, or to register: call 740.592.9457 or email megan.beatty@ohiohealth.com

Athens-Based Wellness Services:

Ohio University employees on the Athens campus have easy access to wellness resources at WellWorks (Grover Center). On-Campus wellness experiences include: Fitness Memberships, Body Assessments, Nutrition Counseling, Personal Training and Massage Therapy. Learn more at ohio.edu/wellworks

Walking Groups:

Various walking groups exist on numerous Ohio University campuses. Most walking groups are organized by operational unit and establish their own meeting times and goals. One group, Stroll Patrol, is managed by the Ohio University Police Department and is open to students, faculty, staff and the community. The group meets outside Bird Arena on the Athens campus every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00 p.m.