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Cheri Landrum headshot

Cheri Landrum

May 18, 2020

"Cheri truly has improved her future and that of her family through her wellness journey. She is a wonderful example for all of us who aspire to greater health and wellness."

Christine Griffin and Jenn Bennett in the fitness center

Christine Giffin

December 16, 2019

Meet WellWorks member, Christine "Chris" Griffin. She uses WellWorks programs, classes and community to help build herself up and build up those around her. We think she's pretty awesome.

Fran Wymbs and Family

Fran Wymbs

October 16, 2019

Meet Fran Wymbs, a WellWorks member who can regularly be seen in the fitness center and group fitness classes. Fran's own dedication to wellbeing is a source of motivation for many, in and outside of WellWorks. Her story about her own journey toward wellness is inspiring. 

Kerri and Tim Yake, Sept/Oct 2019 Member Spotlight

Kerri and Tim Yake

September 3, 2019

Meet Kerri and Tim Yake.  Kerri and Tim both joined WellWorks in Fall 2018 to help each other work on their individual and shared wellness goals. They are now both regulars of the facility and provide our staff with some fantastic comedic relief each day as they work together. Their stories inspired us and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way…

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August 14, 2019

How has wellness allowed you to pursue life's adventures? Tell us more about your story or nominate a friend who inspires you! 

Member Bri Dowler has used wellness as a way to increase her happiness and improve her overall health.

Bri Dowler

July 10, 2019

WellWorks member, Bri Dowler, shares her wellness adventure with us this month.

In 2014, Bri began a weight loss journey that has evolved and allowed her to increase her overall happiness and embrace life. 

Woman holding Baby alongside her Partner

Kaylee Wilkof

May 20, 2019

When Kaylee Wilkof participated in Healthy OHIO as a University spouse several years ago, she received test results that both saved and changed her life.