Cheri Landrum

May 18, 2020

WellWorks members each have a unique story about what motivates them to focus on their wellbeing journey. We were especially inspired by Cheri's story after receiving several nominations AND following some of her harcore workout posts on social media. Cheri's story is one worth reading:

"My weight loss journey began many years ago, like many other working moms, I struggled to find time to focus on ME. In October 2018, I underwent gastric bypass surgery and was given permission to officially start exercising several months later. After struggling to find a good fit in a local gym, I was introduced to the "Stroll Patrol" by a co-worker. Through my time walking with these amazing people, and many conversations about WellWorks, I was convinced that I needed to join. The atmosphere in the gym and the amazing people has allowed me to feel comfortable continuing in my fitness journey. At a current weight loss of 125lbs, my goals moving forward are to learn more about weight lifting and body building. Although, I still very much enjoy cardio, I hope to one day enjoy the weights just as much!"


We were excited to learn more about Cheri's story above after receiving the nominations below:

Nomination from Kimberly Barlag: "...she has worked very hard these last couple of years to change her diet and create a lifestyle of regular exercise (probably obsessed with getting her workouts!). She has lost well over 100 lbs. I’m sure she has significant improvement with her health as well. I just thought you might want to know her story!"

(You were right, Kimberly, we did want to know her story!  Thanks for nominating her so she could inspire others.) 


Nomination from Randy Leite: "Cheri's story is simply told in the 'before' and 'after' pictures of her journey to wellness. Her commitment to her wellness is evident in the way she has totally transformed herself physically and in her commitment to exercise every day, even as a working mother of three young children. I am inspired when I see her in WellWorks making time to continue her wellness journey despite all of the other pressures and time commitments she must face. Cheri truly has improved her future and that of her family through her wellness journey. She is a wonderful example for all of us who aspire to greater health and wellness."