Bri Dowler

July 10, 2019

"I began my weight loss journey in 2014. I had always carried around 35-40 extra pounds, and as a mother of two I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. One of my doctors at the time had suggested that I try a couch to 5k program, so I did! In fact, I enjoyed running so much that I haven't stopped 5 years later (I even completed the Athens Half Marathon this year). Through running and healthier food choices, I lost and kept off about 40 pounds. WellWorks has taken me to the next level in my fitness journey. I make it a habit to use my lunch hour to go to the gym, and as an alum of Women on Weights (WoW) I discovered how important core strength is. I am more confident, a better runner, and overall much happier! Celebrating my 40th birthday this year made me realize how much I have to look forward to, and no matter where I'm at in my goals I can always strive to improve and grow. Life is a blessing."

Brianne (Bri) Dowler is an Administrative Specialist for the Center for International Studies at Ohio University and a Graduate Student in Visual Communications working toward her MA in Information Graphics & Interactive Design.  


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