100 Day Challenge

100 Day Challenge

100 Day Challenge upgrades for Fiscal Year 2023! 

We are excited to partner with Human Resources again in Fiscal Year 2023 to offer the 100 Day Challenge. Tracking begins on July 1, 2022 and will conclude on June 30, 2023. 

100 Day Challenge is a wellness benefit available to Ohio University benefits-eligible employees and their spouses/partners. A WellWorks membership is required to participate in the challenge.

How does it work? 

Work out at WellWorks 100 Days in a fiscal year and you could get an annual membership for free*.

Any University employee who is eligible to receive benefits through the University and the spouse or partner of that individual is able to participate in the 100 Day Challenge. Program requirements include an active membership and obtaining 100 visits (limit 1 per day) between July 1 and June 30. 

Once an eligible participant reaches their 100 visits, a taxable one year membership will be automatically added to the member's account.  The earned membership will begin when the member's current membership expires. A membership must remain current in order to continue to work toward achieving the 100 day goal.

No registration is required. Though, eligible members are responsible for making sure their member account identifies their status as an employee/spouse/partner so we know to track your visits. If there has been a change to your status as an employee, spouse or partner, please alert the front desk staff. We'll keep track of your visits to the Fitness Center and Group Exercise Classes as well as eligible virtual and remote check-ins, and we'll notify you when you've reached your 100 visits. 

*This program is considered a taxable benefit by the IRS which means that, while the membership will be paid by the University, the value of the membership will be taxed at 30%.

January 2023 Membership Deal for Employees

If you're an OHIO employee hoping to achieve the 100 Day Challenge in Fiscal Year 2023 but haven't started or have a bulk of check-ins remaining, WellWorks has a great deal for you! For the month of January only, employees can purchase a 6 month membership for $80. This special membership will only be available for purchase from January 3-31, 2023. Purchases can be made in-person (Grover Center E124) or online via our Member Portal from January 3-31, 2023.  Employees must use SSO to log-in to the Member Portal and the Membership Deal will be automatically loaded for you.

While WellWorks does not, traditionally, offer a 6-month membership, this limited time membership term is being offered to assist employees who wish to work toward the 100 Day Challenge for the remainder of the fiscal year. 


New in FY23!

In an effort to support members/employees on all campuses and with varying levels of comfort about returning to indoor exercise, the following new feature will be available this fiscal year:

  • WellWorks has established a calendar of virtual check-in opportunities. This calendar contains over 150 check-in programs throughout the fiscal year, making wellbeing more accessible to a larger audience. 

Various Ways to Earn a Check-In:

  • Check-in at our facility for use of our Fitness Center. 
  • Check-in to an in-person group fitness class. 
  • Visit one of our remote check-in locations during fall semester. This is a great option for those who choose to exercise outdoors on the Athens campus. 
  • Attendance at Live Virtual Classes will count toward visit counts again in FY23.
  • Utilize the WellWorks 100 Day Challenge Virtual Check-In Calendar. Pre-register for programs and then check-in anytime during WellWorks operating hours on the date the program is offered. 

Remote Check In Locations

In an effort to support everyone's safety and health while also respecting that all members have different comfort levels about returning to in-person exercise, WellWorks is allowing members to participate in "Remote Check Ins" during the lunch hour in key locations. Members can simply register for a remote check-in and find the friendly WellWorks staff member (wearing a bright green shirt) at the specified time/location.

At this time, remote check-in opportunities for Fall 2022 will begin on Friday, October 7: 

  • Fridays (12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.): Hockhocking Adena Bikeway at Mile Marker 1. This mile marker can be  found south of Stimson Ave, near the Mill Street spur.

Upon arrival, provide your name to the WellWorks staff member and we will check you in! You can then go about your outdoor workout at your own pace. You must check-in within the allotted time (12pm-1pm). Advance registration is required and members cannot check-in from their vehicles (to verify that you are, indeed, moving your body)!

We hope this unique fall experience will allow eligible individuals to reach the 100 Day Challenge in a way that fits your unique wellness journey.

Mile Marker 1

Fridays from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m., beginning October 7, 2022

Map of Mile Marker 1 on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

Located on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway, this remote check-in location can be found between the  E Stimson Ave entry ramp and the Mill Street spur. 

Advance registration required.

The Ridges Lawn

No offerings at this location in Fall 2022 semester

Map of The Ridges Lawn

Located at The Ridges, this remote check-in location is in the grassy area across the street from Kennedy Museum. Members cannot check-in from a motorized vehicle.  

Advance registration is required.  Registration will likely open in Fall 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions:  

If you don't see your question below, please email us at wellworks@ohio.edu and we would be happy to assist you.

Why are Ohio University Human Resources and WellWorks offering this incentive?

Ohio University recognizes the numerous benefits of exercise and wants to reward and encourage employees who are physically active. This incentive is another step in our goal to create a culture of wellness at Ohio University. 

Who is eligible to participate in the Healthy OHIO WellWorks membership incentive program, 100 Day Challenge

Participation is limited to WellWorks members who are benefits-eligible Ohio University employees and/or their spouses or domestic partners. Note: You do not need to enrolled in benefits; merely eligible to enroll.

If an eligible individual reaches their 100 days of visits in the fiscal year, what type of membership do they receive?

Each eligible individual would earn an Individual Annual Facility Membership. 

I am not ready to return to in-person indoor exercise and/or I find it difficult to get to the Athens campus. Can I still participate in the 100 Day Challenge?

Absolutely! We now offer LIVE virtual fitness class check-ins, remote check-ins (see above), and a full calendar of pre-recorded content available for check-in. All of these options have been instituted to support people’s safety and health now so that, once they do feel safe visiting our indoor facility, they’ll have their 100 day Facility Membership available to enjoy!

These virtual/remote check-ins are also intended to support employees operating on campuses other than Athens or who are working remotely. We are constantly working to respond to the changing environment around us. We hope these opportunities can positively support our employees and their spouses/partners as we all navigate changing work environments and unpredictable gas prices. 

How do I sign up for the program?

No registration is required. Though, it is important to make sure your member profile in our Member Portal identifies you as either a University Employee or a Spouse/Partner. WellWorks will run a report of members who are listed as "employee" or "spouse/partner" in their member profile and then Human Resources will verify eligibility. If your member profile does not classify you as one of the above, we will not include you in the program. 

I am not currently a WellWorks member. Can I still participate?

New WellWorks members can join in on this offer at any time. You do not need to be a member on July 1 to be eligible; you can become a member at any time and begin working toward 100 days of visits at that time (as long as you have at least 100 operating days remaining in the fiscal year as visits cannot roll over to the next fiscal year). 

What "counts" as a visit?

Visits count for physical activity in the WellWorks fitness center, WellWorks group exercise, virtual group fitness, remote check-ins and virtual check-ins. Please note that pre-registration required for classes, remote check-ins and virtual check-ins.

What if I exercise outside of WellWorks?

At this time, you must check-in at one of our pre-approved locations for your movement to count as a visit. This includes checking in: at our front desk, for a group exercise class, or for a remote check-in at one of our pre-scheduled lunchtime remote locations. 

How can I keep track of my visits?

Visits are counted via the check-in system at the WellWorks front desk and online through our Member Portal. Therefore, it is necessary for you to check-in at the front desk (or online for virtual classes) when using the fitness center or use the iPad system for group exercise classes. You must check-in on your computer/device for the virtual check-in program and live virtual classes during the allowable hours on the date the program is offered. 

NOTE: if you check in at the front desk and sign in at a group exercise class, it will flag as a double-entry for that day—but, be advised that only ONE visit per day counts toward the goal of 100 visits.

The front desk staff can check the status of your visits at any time, however the “official” number (double entries removed) of visits is run on a monthly administrative report and your eligibility must be verified with HR.

Can I check-in at WellWorks more than once per day?

Only one visit to WellWorks per day will count toward your 100 Day Challenge count. Though, members are welcome to visit the facility as frequently as their wellness journeys allow.

Will I be notified when I reach my 100 days of check-ins?

WellWorks will check the visit status for participants during the first week of every month. You will be notified via email when you reach 100 visits and eligibility is confirmed with Human Resources. Please make sure your current email address is on file in your member profile so you receive our alerts. 

After I reach my 100-day mark, when will I receive my free membership?

Your free membership will be tacked onto your current account. The free membership will begin as soon as your current membership expires. If you participate in our Evergreen Direct Debit program, you can receive your free membership as soon as you receive your official notification from WellWorks, but you will need to notify WellWorks to stop your direct debit payments per the contract policy. 

What if my WellWorks membership expires before I reach my 100-day visit mark?

If you do NOT reach your 100-visit mark before you membership expires, you can pay month-to-month until you reach your 100-visit mark.

If I do not reach 100 visits before June 30, will my visit count carry over to the following fiscal year?

If this offer is repeated during subsequent fiscal years, visits during the previous fiscal year will not carry over.

Is this a taxable benefit?

Yes, this is a taxable benefit for the year in which the membership is received. The  paycheck of the benefits-carrier will be taxed during the pay period in which the benefit is fulfilled.