Employee participating in a health screening
Biometric Health Screenings

Biometric Health Screenings

Notice Regarding Wellness Program

All benefits-participating University employees and their benefits-participating spouses/partners are encouraged to conduct an annual health screening so they stay on track with their wellness goals. 

Eligible Participants will receive $60* added to the paycheck of the benefits-carrier. It will appear on a paycheck under the line item of "Healthy OHIO." Please note that it can take up to a full quarter following the participation window for payouts to appear on a paycheck.

*Taxed as income, appears on the paycheck of the benefits-carrier within one quarter of the conclusion of the screening window.


Choose from Three Health Screening Options:

You only need to participate in one of the three options to receive the incentive:

Make sure you're enrolled in Virgin Pulse to be able to receive the payout for participating! 

Option One: OhioHealth WorkHealth Athens, Castrop Center

This option has passed for Fiscal Year 2024

From September - November, annually, all benefits-participating employees and their benefits-participating spouses/partners from any OHIO campus can participate in a screening at OhioHealth WorkHealth Athens Clinic (3rd floor Castrop Center) by scheduling an appointment. These screenings are available at no cost to eligible participants. 

Option Two: Physician Screening Form

Download the Physician Screening Form

If you prefer to have your own physician complete your biometric health screening, there's an option for that! Simply print and complete the Physician Screening Form with your physician and have it faxed to WellWorks (instructions on the form). 


Dates to Know: 

  • Physician Screening Forms for all eligible participants affiliated with al OHIO campuses will be accepted on a rolling basis from July 1 - May 31.
  • Forms received July 1-November 30 will be processed for payroll payout** in December/January.
  • Forms received December 1-May 31 will be processed for payout*** in June. 

Additional Physician Screening Form Details:

Eligible employees/spouses/partners who received a qualifying health screening from their physician can submit a Physician Screening Form (see PDF below) instead of attending a screening event. Please note that this is a three-page document.

Forms:  Please utilize the form below (same form for all campuses) for qualifying lab work.  The agreement (page 1) and the physician screening form (pages 2-3) are both due at the same time.  

Physician Screening Form logistics:

  • If eligible participants complete a screening at WorkHealth or an on-campus screening, they do not need to complete a Physician Screening Form, unless otherwise informed by the screener.
  • Once your physician has completed the required fields of the forms, you or your physician can fax the completed and signed forms (3 pages) to WellWorks per the instructions on the form.
  • We will contact you when we receive the form. Please email wellworks@ohio.edu if you do not hear from us.

We highly encourage participants who utilize the Physician Screening Form to discuss the status of their appointment with their physician to ensure the visit is classified as preventive care*** within the Anthem network. 

Option Three: On-Campus Screening Events:

Athens campus events occur in the fall annually and regional campus events occur in the spring. 

2024 Campus Events:

Spring 2024 Regional screenings have passed

Fall 2024 Athens screening events will occur 9am-1pm: 

  • September 19: Baker University Center 2nd Floor Corridor
  • October 23: Ridges FlexSpace, Building 19, Rooms TBD



Athens campus affiliates will receive an invitation to schedule their screening in August 2024. At that time, online scheduling will be available to all employees. 

Online Scheduling Details

Additional Details: 

Enrollment in Virgin Pulse Required: 

In an effort to better protect your privacy and ensure timely payout, enrollment in Virgin Pulse is now required in order to receive the $60 payout. Enrollment must occur by December 1 for screenings that occur June 1-November 30 and by May 31 for all screenings that occur from December 1-May 31. 

Accessing your Results:

Please note that, with each of the options above, your results should be provided to you directly. Additionally, results will be input into your profile in Virgin Pulse. WellWorks will not retain a copy of your results. So, if you wish to access your results, it's a good idea to either share your results with your physician to store in your medical chart and/or set-up your account in Virgin Pulse prior to your screening. 

Fasting Details:

For all campus screenings and screenings that occur at Athens WorkHealth Clinic: It is recommended that you fast for your screening 8-12 hours; however, if you need to schedule a time when fasting is difficult, don't fast. Inform the clinical team you are non-fasting and a non-fasting parameter for results will be used. Water is always allowed and is encouraged.

**Payout Timelines

Please note that it does take some time to process all Healthy OHIO data and submit such data to payroll for payout on a paycheck. It is our intention for payouts to occur in December/January and June annually (depending on when you completed your screening). It is our intention for payouts to appear on the payslip of the benefits-carrier within 90 days of the payout deadline. Though, please be aware that unforeseen obstacles may delay such payouts. 

***Costs Associated with Screenings

While preventive care within the Anthem network is covered at 100%, services that are outside of the Anthem network and/or not classified as preventive care are subject to cost sharing. Please discuss the status of your visit with your physician's office. If your appointment cannot be classified as a Preventive Exam due to pre-existing conditions, we recommend scheduling your appointment at OhioHealth WorkHealth Athens, Castrop Center.