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Social media is a unique set of digital platforms that allow OHIO to communicate with our audiences in a more personal, interactive way. OHIO accounts connect with students, faculty, alumni, prospective students, and friends around the world, promoting and spreading Bobcat pride!


Typical Projects and Timelines

  • Posts to Ohio University’s official Facebook | 1 week
  • Posts to Ohio University’s official Twitter | 1 week
  • Posts to Ohio University’s official Instagram | 1 week
  • Posts to Ohio University’s official TikTok | 1 week
  • Posts to and coordination with secondary and tertiary OHIO accounts | 1 week
  • Social media account creation | 2 weeks
  • Social media campaign development  | 4 weeks
  • Social media consultations and training
Ohio University's Instagram open on multiple devices, including a cell phone, laptop, and tablet.

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Can I create a social media account for my area at OHIO?

While it may seem ideal to meet your communications needs by creating social media accounts specific to your area of focus, maintaining effective and engaging social media accounts requires an enormous amount of resources, not only the time it takes to set up, post, and respond on various accounts, but also the resources required to develop informative, interesting and engaging content, and the strategic planning required to ensure demographic targeting and post visibility.

Considering the in-depth efforts required to create and successfully build out new social media accounts, UCM’s social media team may recommend other options that will be more effective and demand fewer resources.

What can I post to official OHIO social media accounts?

Requests for posts to the university social media accounts must contain content that will be of interest to the greater OHIO community (current students, faculty, staff, alumni, and ideally, prospective students) and will be included at the discretion of the UCM social media team. 

What should I do if my request involves several different service areas?

Fill out our request form and select "combination" as your request type. Please give us as much detail as possible. We will schedule a kick-off meeting to get all the details we need. 

Who can I reach out to for questions about this service?

Gabrielle Johnston 
Marketing Services Manager

Social Media Staff

Eli Burris, Associate Director Social Media Strategy
Eli Burris
Associate Director of Social Media Strategy
The Ridges Building #18
Jalyn Bolyard, Manager, Academic Social Media
Jalyn Bolyard
Manager, Academic Social Media
The Ridges Building #18
Elise Holbrook, Sr. Manager, University Social Media
Elise Holbrook
Sr. Manager, University Social Media
The Ridges Building #18