Name Usage

Referring to Ohio University

In the first or most prominent usage in each individual application, always use the organization’s entire name, "Ohio University." In subsequent usage in the same application, the organization may be referred to as “OHIO” or “the University.”

Please note, it is never acceptable to use “OU” as a means of referring to Ohio University in official communications or promotions. 

Website domain name use

When the website domain name appears within a paragraph of text, it should be stated as ""; in instances when it appears as a stand-alone graphic element without surrounding text, "" is also acceptable.

In conversation or when recorded in a voiceover used in TV, radio, or video, it is preferred to use “”

Referencing Ohio University campuses and centers

First reference for regional campuses*

Ohio University Chillicothe

Ohio University Eastern

Ohio University Lancaster

Ohio University Southern

Ohio University Zanesville


First reference for centers

Ohio University Southern’s Proctorville Center


First reference for referring to traditionally combined locations/facilities as one entity

Ohio University Southern | Proctorville

Notes for use: Do not orphan the center when writing. This first reference is limited to business cards and announcements requiring a shorter reference.


Subsequent reference for regional campuses*

OHIO Chillicothe

OHIO Eastern

OHIO Lancaster

OHIO Southern

OHIO Zanesville


Subsequent reference for referring to traditionally combined locations/facilities as one entity

OHIO Southern | Proctorville


Other options for subsequent reference

Athens campus

Chillicothe campus

Eastern campus

Lancaster campus

Southern campus

Zanesville campus


(or “the campus”)



Proctorville Center

 (or “the center”)


*Please note: The term “regional campus” applies only to locations at Chillicothe, Eastern, Lancaster, Southern, and Zanesville.