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About UCM

University Communications and Marketing, commonly known as UCM, supports the mission of Ohio University by facilitating communication and marketing best practices, strategy, and deliverables for various offices across the institution. Our efforts centrally serve the Ohio University community, reaching students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, donors, and the general public. 

UCM supports the University’s mission and vision by showcasing the institution’s excellence, directing brand development, increasing brand awareness, influencing recruitment and retention, and developing positive relationships with stakeholders through communications that inform, engage, and inspire.

Does UCM charge for work?

Because UCM is now a centralized team, we are no longer charging for most communication and marketing work.

Projects and tasks are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and we may occasionally need to charge for work depending on associated external costs, our capacity, and a project’s relevance to University goals.

How do I start communications/marketing work with UCM?

Fill out our request form. We will evaluate the request and get back to you as soon as we can. 

What should I do if my request involves several different service areas?

Fill out our request form and select "combination" as your request type. Please give us as much detail as possible. We will schedule a kick-off meeting to get all the details we need. 

Who can I contact for general request and service questions?

Gabrielle Johnston 
Marketing Services Manager

How do I style the text on my marketing, promotional, and creative projects?

Our editorial style guide is designed to help you prepare copy for marketing, promotional, and creative projects for Ohio University, its colleges, academic schools and departments, administrative units, and other affiliated entities. The guide also includes boilerplate language for Ohio University. 

Topics include periods, commas, hyphens, quotation marks, capitalization, names, titles, abbreviations, numbers, and word usage. 

Editorial Style Guide

As a member of the media, how can I get more information about Ohio University or identify a faculty expert who may have insight for a project I am working on?

Thanks for your interest in Ohio University. Please visit our “For the Media” page. You’ll find recent press releases, a searchable expert directory, and contact information if you would like to get in touch with one of our media specialists.

Does UCM provide student employment opportunities?

UCM hires students through Federal Work-Study, PACE (Program to Aid Career Exploration), and student hourly positions. Positions are posted and filled as needed.


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Robin Oliver
Robin Oliver, MBA
Vice President, University Communications and Marketing
Lindley Hall S102
Gabrielle Blackwood Johnston
Gabrielle Blackwood Johnston
Marketing Services Manager
Lindley Hall S102
Profile picture missing, no image uploaded
Sarah Glinski
Marketing Services Coordinator, University Communications and Marketing
Justin Kendrick
Justin Kendrick
Administrative Specialist
Lindely Hall N178

Advancement Marketing Services

Headshot of Sarah Filipiak
Sarah Filipiak
Senior Director of Advancement Marketing Services
Pete Shooner headshot
Pete Shooner
Associate Director of Advancement Marketing Services

Communication Services

Headshot of Macklin Caruso
Macklin Caruso
Media Relations Specialist III
Headshot of Nick Claussen
Nick Claussen
Organizational Communications Specialist
Samantha Pelham
Samantha Pelham
Media Relations Specialist
Lindley Hall S118
Dan Pittman
Dan Pittman
Interim Executive Director, Communication Services
Grover Center
Jim Sabin
Jim Sabin
Media Relations Manager
Lindley Hall S112
Angela Woodward
Angela Woodward
Editor, Publications
Lindley Hall

Creative and Brand

Aaron Harden
Aaron Harden
Director of Creative and Brand
Lindley Hall S128
Christofer Smith
Christofer Smith
Associate Director, Photo/Video
Lindley Hall S136
Cody Bail, UCM production operations manager
Cody Bail
Production Operations Manager
Profile picture missing, no image uploaded
Joshua Blanton
Art Director, Admissions
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown
Graphic Designer II
Lindley Hall
Maria Gian, video producer
Maria Gian
Video Producer
Kitri Held, Graphic Designer I
Kitri Held
Graphic Designer I
Steven Hollis, Digital Marketing Designer
Steven Hollis
Digital Marketing Designer
Rich Joseph-Facun
Rich-Joseph Facun
Kyle Lindner, Graphic Designer I
Kyle Lindner
Graphic Designer I
Lindley Hall
no image
Sarah McDowell
Art Director, Advancement
Lindley Hall
Brooke Preston
Brooke Preston
Associate Director of Creative Strategy
Ben Siegel
Ben Siegel
Photography Supervisor
Lindley Hall S122A
No Image Found
Stacey Stewart
Associate Director, Design
Lindley Hall S130

Digital Content

Donna Gallo
Donna Gallo
Senior Director of Digital Content and Engagement
Lindley Hall S110
Emily Baxstrom, Web Content Manager
Emily Baxstrom
Web Content Manager
Halie Best
Associate Director of Web Content and Strategy
Jalyn Bolyard
Jalyn Bolyard
Content Marketing Specialist
Lindley Hall S118
Eli Burris, Social Media and Content Marketing Manager
Eli Burris
Social Media and Content Marketing Manager
Lindley Hall S110
Kate Erlewine
Kate Erlewine
Digital Content Specialist
Elise Holbrook, Sr. Social Media Specialist in UCM
Elise Holbrook
Sr. Social Media Specialist
Haley Hopper
Web Designer/Developer
Lindley Hall
Shelli Minton
Shelli Minton
Web CMS Specialist and Training Supervisor
Anna Pierre, Web Content & UX Specialist
Anna Pierre
Web Content & UX Specialist
Cody Saylor
Cody Saylor
Web Developer/Designer
Jordan Schmitt, Content Marketing Specialist
Jordan Schmitt
Content Marketing Specialist
Lindley Hall

Enterprise Marketing

Jennifer Kirksey, Senior Director of Enterprise Marketing
Jennifer Kirksey
Senior Director of Enterprise Marketing
Lindley Hall
Laura Alloway, Senior Director of Regional Campus Marketing and Partner Outreach, Ohio University
Laura Alloway
Senior Director of Regional Campus Marketing and Partner Outreach
The Ridges
Lori Bauer
Marketing Communications Manager, College of Arts and Sciences
Wilson Hall
Jennifer Cochran
Jennifer Cochran
Marketing Communications Manager, University College
Chubb Hall
Tosha Jupiter headshot
Tosha Jupiter
Marketing Communications Manager – Public Service, Global Affairs, and Honors Programs
Daniel King
Marketing Communications Manager, College of Fine Arts
Jennings House
Sarah Logue
Sarah Logue
Marketing Communications Manager, Scripps College
Schoonover Center
Portrait of Chloe Musick
Chloe Musick
Marketing Communications Manager, Russ College of Engineering and Technology
Stocker 179

Market Research and Media Planning

Regina Schwartz
Regina Schwartz
Executive Director of Marketing Strategy
Lindley Hall
Beth Backes
Associate Director, Market Research
Steffie Humphrey
Steffie Humphrey
Media and Direct Marketing Strategist
Brittany Parker, Director, Paid Media and Direct Marketing
Brittany Parker
Director, Paid Media and Direct Marketing