Ohio University



  • The official University fonts are EB Garamond and Barlow.
  • OHIO’s secondary font is Zilla Slab.
  • The fonts work on both MacOS and Windows machines.
  • EB Garamond and Barlow families are available for use on University computers from OIT. https://www.ohio.edu/oit/device/software/licensed-software/fonts-ohio-brand-approved ONLY install these versions from OIT!
  • Do not substitute other fonts for the official fonts.

Official Typefaces

OHIO’s typography includes two primary fonts—EB Garamond and Barlow—and a secondary font—Zilla. These brand typefaces enable a distinctive look and maximize long-term flexibility in design and communications. By utilizing combinations of these three fonts, we are able to create communications that are both bold and distinct, yet consistent and tied to the OHIO brand. Each of the typefaces has a variety of weights and styles that meet robust design needs.

EB Garamond

EB Garamond example

The design of EB Garamond is similar in look and feel to the official logo of the University. It has a classic look that reflects OHIO’s historic, enriching, and authentic personality.


Preview block showing Barlow font examples

Barlow allows for broad creative use and enhanced readability. The typeface is useful both in the large scale for signage and display work, as well as in the smaller scale for body text.

Zilla Slab

Preview block showing Zilla font examples

Zilla Slab is a slab serif typeface that works well with Barlow and provides an alternative to EB Garamond. Zilla can be used with EB Garamond in display treatments if used sparingly. Within the OHIO brand identity, use Zilla as an accent or to draw emphasis to emotive words or calls to action in display size type.

Obtaining Fonts

EB Garamond and Barlow font families are available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms through OIT. ONLY use these OHIO brand approved fonts.

Using Type

For print projects, EB Garamond or Barlow may be used for body copy (letters, memos, reports, etc.). For maximum legibility, do not use type smaller than 10 points. Use Barlow for headings, signage, and the address block of official University stationery. Zilla may be used for headings or to highlight specific text in a layout.

Additional Information

For more information regarding Ohio University’s use of open source fonts beginning Jan. 1, 2019, see Compass article OHIO Fonts Transition Oct-2018