The two main typefaces for OHIO are P22 Mackinac and Termina. They were chosen to feel modern and youthful but also feel that they could have been found in the drawers of a 100-year-old letter press shop.

Mackinac graphic
Mackinac specimen

P22 Mackinac is a serif font with a modern but classic feel. This should be the primary font used on most executions.

Termina graphic
termina specimen

Termina is a sans serif font best used for big and bold headlines.

Proxima graphic
proxima specimen

Proxima Nova is a sans serif with a clean and modern feel. Use this type face sparingly when Termina feels too wide. Best if reserved for captions, call-to-actions and other smaller call outs.

industry graphic
industry specimen

Industry is a sans serif font that is the Midwest in typeform. This typeface is a design element reserved exclusively for designers using Adobe Creative Cloud and is not available for desktop download for broad distribution. Use this font sparingly. Ideally this font works best for icon illustrations, pull quotes, and CTAs. Always use all caps and 50pt kerning.

Font Access

For Adobe CC Users

The University brand fonts identified are licensed for print, video, broadcast, web and digital reproduction through Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions. Any member of the University community with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription managed by OIT may activate the fonts for use. View the Adobe Fonts licensing documentation for further information.

Activate Fonts

For Non-Adobe CC Users

If you do not have an Adobe CC subscription, a limited number of desktop licenses for University brand fonts are available for faculty and staff only. Desktop licenses are only to be used for print reproduction.

Request Fonts

Please contact UCM with any questions about licensing and usage of the university brand fonts.