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UCM approaches projects and tasks with professional and strategic expertise. Since all marketing efforts relating to Ohio University are interconnected and interdependent, UCM has the unique position and ability to cross promote, intertwine campaigns, and align specific initiatives with the overall communications and marketing strategy of Ohio University. We can help you determine channels, timelines, ​budgets, and messaging for your campaign to promote a specific ​academic program, initiative, or unit within our institution as well as the overall OHIO brand. In other words, we’ll help you accomplish your goals while underscoring the quality of programs and opportunities available at our University.


Typical Projects and Timelines

  • Marketing/advertising plan | 4 weeks 
  • Digital advertising campaigns | 4 weeks
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What is the difference between a communication plan and a marketing/advertising strategy?

UCM creates and executes communication plans for our internal audiences: current students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The goal of a communication plan is to spread a message. 

We establish and employ marketing and advertising strategies to reach external or potential audiences, like prospective students or donors. There is an element of persuasion involved with marketing and advertising. 

What should I do if my request involves several different service areas?

Fill out our request form and select "combination" as your request type. Please give us as much detail as possible. We will schedule a kick-off meeting to get all the details we need. 

Who can I reach out to for questions about this service?

Gabrielle Johnston 
Marketing Services Manager

Marketing & Advertising Strategy Staff

Regina Schwartz
Regina Schwartz
Executive Director of Marketing Strategy
Corey Burge, Marketing Director, OHIO Online
Corey Burge
Marketing Director, OHIO Online
Brooke Preston
Brooke Preston
Associate Director of Creative Strategy
Beth Backes
Director of Market Research and SEO Strategy
Steffie Humphrey, Assistant Director of Marketing, OHIO Online
Steffie Humphrey
Assistant Director of Marketing, OHIO Online
Tosha Jupiter headshot
Tosha Jupiter
Senior Copywriter, Academic Programs
Mark Remy, copy writer/editor for University Communications & Marketing
Mark Remy
Copy Writer/Editor