College & Regional Campus Support

Our specialists act as part consultant, part project manager. When you initiate a project or task, they’ll start by asking a series of questions that will help us produce effective communications. We want to understand the purpose of your event or campaign and your intended audience as well as its other aspects. Next, your specialist will initiate a project and a kickoff meeting will be scheduled. You can expect to be informed of the progress of the project or task as it moves forward and to be involved with key decisions, including final approval. 


Typical Projects

  • Strategic communications planning and messaging
  • Initiating new projects, tasks, and campaigns 
  • Online news and digital content
  • Social media management 
  • Email marketing content and distribution
  • Academic communications for recruitment
  • College/campus website edits and updates
  • Signature event promotion


Athens campus from the air
If I work in a college or on a regional campus, how should I start projects or tasks with UCM?

Please get in touch with your designated communications specialist and they’ll initiate your project or task with a team of experts (on your behalf). If you submit a request independently, we’ll loop in your designated communications specialist.

What if I my department or unit doesn’t have a designated specialist?

Communication specialists have been assigned various “beats” that they support in lieu of a dedicated staff member. Examples include Honors Tutorial College, Center for International Studies, and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Activity. If you do not know your designated specialists, please reach out to to inquire about next steps. 

What should I expect when I initiate a new project or task?

Our team of specialists act as part consultant, part project manager. When you reach out to initiate a project or task, they’ll make sure to ask a series of questions that will help UCM’s team of writers, designers, and developers produce effective communications that will help you meet your goals. From the purpose of your event/campaign to the intended audiences and everything between, we’ll collect information that will inform a formal "request” and kickoff meeting that will set your project or task in motion. 

I have an idea for a news story and/or communications strategy. Who should I contact?

Your designated communication specialist will help you develop your story or communication efforts from early conceptualization to the finished work product. You can always start with your specialist and they will help guide you through UCM’s range of capabilities and support.  

Do I have to involve a communication specialist in my project or task?

Communication specialists advocate for both the colleges’ and University’s goals. One of those goals is ensuring our communications are coordinated and that they represent the outstanding experience OHIO offers to all students. To make sure we’re executing the most effective and timely communications on your behalf, a specialist will almost always be assigned to UCM requests. 

College & Regional Support Staff

Jennifer Kirksey, Senior Director of Enterprise Marketing
Jennifer Kirksey
Senior Director of Enterprise Marketing
Lindley Hall
Laura Alloway, Senior Director of Regional Campus Marketing and Partner Outreach, Ohio University
Laura Alloway
Senior Director of Regional Campus Marketing and Partner Outreach
The Ridges
Lori Bauer
Marketing Communications Manager, College of Arts and Sciences
Wilson Hall
Jennifer Cochran
Jennifer Cochran
Marketing Communications Manager, University College
Chubb Hall
Douglas Dennis, Marketing and Communications Manager, Patton College of Education
Douglas Dennis
Marketing and Communications Manager, Patton College of Education
Tosha Jupiter headshot
Tosha Jupiter
Marketing Communications Manager – Public Service, Global Affairs, and Honors Programs
Daniel King
Marketing Communications Manager, College of Fine Arts
Jennings House
Sarah Logue
Sarah Logue
Marketing Communications Manager, Scripps College
Schoonover Center
Portrait of Chloe Musick
Chloe Musick
Marketing Communications Manager, Russ College of Engineering and Technology
Stocker 179
Amy Toth, interim marketing and communications manager, College of Business
Amy Toth
Interim Marketing and Communications Manager, College of Business

Our team is driven by a set of values that motivate us to support our partners: We approach our work with optimism, creativity, vision, curiosity, courage and without ego. We work together with collaboration, generosity, trust, flexibility, humor, warmth, and memes. In our work, we’ll be known for our strategic approach, our expertise, our hustle, and being good at what we do. In our relationships, we’ll be known for respect, empathy, encouragement, approachability.