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Calendar of University Events (CUE) 

Advanced Training: Groups and Group Officers 

This 30-minute training is for staff currently managing or seeking to manage "group" events in the CUE as a group officer.

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Web Content Management

Drupal Basic Training

This 90-minute, video-conferenced session is hands-on and will get you started on OHIO's web-management system. Topics include: system orientation; understanding content types; using text-editing toolbar; uploading images; embedding videos; best practices and where to find help.

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Drupal Advanced Topics: General

This 60-minute, video-conferenced session is designed for page publishers. Topics vary, but generally include updating navigation menus; working with page revisions; and managing images (including hero images).

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Drupal Advanced Topics: Modular Pages

This 60-minute, video-conferenced session is hands-on, and is designed to show page publishers how to work with modular elements such as rows and columns, topic previews and icon groups.

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Managing Web Documents in OneDrive

This 60-minute online session covers best practices for setting document links, organizing folders and updating linked documents. Work groups should attend the same session. Prior to signing up below for the training session, the group's primary web manager must request the option "public document web storage" on this form and provide some information.

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