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Calendar of University Events (CUE) 

Advanced Training: Groups and Group Officers 

This 30-minute training is for staff currently managing or seeking to manage "group" events in the CUE as a group officer.

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Web Content Management

Website Help Hub Overview

This 3-minute video is an overview of our Website Help Hub page, best practices, and where to find help.

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Log in and Navigate Drupal CMS

This 5-minute video demonstrates how to log in and navigate to your site pages in Drupal.

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Create a Basic Page

This 6-minute video demonstrates how to create a basic page in Drupal including applying styles for headings and button links.

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Drupal Advanced Topics: Modular Page Creation and Editing Tutorial

This 60-minute video provides an introduction to Modular Pages and covers their architecture and how they are constructed.

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Managing Web Documents in SharePoint

This 30-minute video covers best practices for setting document links, organizing folders and updating linked documents. Documents linked to the Ohio University website are managed in the OHIO Website Sharepoint group. Departments may request access to this group by submitting a UCM request and selecting Web > Request web document storage in SharePoint.

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