UCM Trainings

  • Drupal CMS Access and Training

    1. Review the Roles and Responsibilities of Drupal users.
    2. You must obtain approval from the site manager of the OHIO subsite that you will be accessing.
    3. The site manager must request the access using our UCM Request form.
    4. You will be notified when your access is set up and will receive instructions for training.
  • Google Analytics

    Explore UCM’s Google Analytics Looker Studio Dashboard training to deepen your understanding of website traffic and usability. Gain the insights necessary to make informed, strategic, data-driven decisions for your unit.

  • Calendar of University Events (CUE)

    Anyone at OHIO can sign up in Localist to create events for the University Calendar. These events should be open to the public and sponsored by a university department or organization. They will be reviewed by a group officer or UCM staff before being approved for posting.

    There is no formal training, but you can utilize the training instructions for information.

    If you have immediate questions, please contact Alex Semancik (semancik@ohio.edu).

Drupal Web CMS Training

  • Getting Started

    After you receive the email that you have access to Drupal, watch the videos on Website Help Hub Overview and Drupal Navigation. Then visit the Website Help Hub to review the Brand and Accessibility Resources and instructions for Creating New Content.

    You must also complete the Intro to Digital Accessibility Module.

  • Intro to Digital Accessibility

    Digital Accessibility means that information or communication technology (ICT) can be used by a wide range of people including those with disabilities who also may be using assistive technology. Learn more by taking this free online course [60-90 minutes to complete] created by IT Accessibility team. This course is HIGHLY recommended for all web editors using Drupal. You may need to create an account in the Professional Development Pathways system before you can access this course.

  • CMS Support

    If you have questions that aren’t answered in the training materials or just want some advice you can schedule a web consultation directly with Shelli Minton. Send a Microsoft Teams meeting request to sminton@ohio.edu. Schedule 15 minutes if you think it's just a quick question. Schedule 30-60 minutes if you think more detailed training will be required. If you aren't sure, send an email first so that it can be discussed. Make sure to include details about your request and a page URL if applicable.

  • Website Help Hub Overview

    This 4-minute video is an overview of our Website Help Hub page, best practices, and where to find help.

  • Log in and Navigate Drupal CMS

    This 5-minute video demonstrates how to log in and navigate to your site pages in Drupal.