Calendar of University Events (CUE)

The OHIO Calendar of University Events (CUE) is Ohio University’s official central calendar. It is accessible to the entire University community and the public online. Anyone with an active OHIO ID can submit event information. 

OHIO uses a calendaring system called Localist


Typical Projects and Timelines

  • Event submission review | 1-5 days
  • CUE training
Person browsing Ohio University calendar on a laptop

How to Submit an Event 

  1. Create a Localist account by clicking "Sign up" on the CUE.
  2. Log in.
  3. Click the "Submit an event" button in the top right.
  4. Fill out the form with event details. Make sure to assign a "group," unless there truly isn't a good option. Click the "Submit Event" button.

    Help filling out the event submission form
  5. Group officers or UCM will review the event and post to the CUE if approved.

Event approval is contingent on approval by a group officer of the applicable "group(s)" applied to your event. Group officers are asked to review their approval queue regularly and UCM does a daily review to ensure events are not held in moderation for more than a week.

Why should I upload my events to the CUE?
  • To learn about what’s happening on campus! From the annual Distinguished Professor Lecture to a basketball game at the Convocation Center, the CUE is your one-stop shop for event information from OHIO planning units and student organizations.
  • To get free publicity for your OHIO event. All on-campus events that are added to the CUE are public, eligible to be highlighted as a featured event on University's homepage or Baker University Center digital display, and shared with the UCM team for consideration to be featured in news, social media, or other promotions. 
  • To build awareness of your organization or unit. The CUE allows all members of the University community (students, staff, faculty) to learn about different events and get involved. For example, it is a great tool for student organizations to spread the word about their events and even post meeting times so prospective members can find them.
  • To make important dates easily accessible. In addition to events, the CUE is populated with important deadlines. Once they have been added to the CUE, UCM works to publicize those as well.
Who can I reach out to for questions about this service?

Gabrielle Johnston 
Marketing Services Manager

Interim Calendar Staff

Shelli Minton
Shelli Minton
Web CMS Specialist and Training Supervisor