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Graphic Design

UCM’s designers curate and shape creative content and transform it into vibrant visual communications that engage the interest of OHIO’s target audiences. The team applies the OHIO brand in different ways to achieve a broad and dynamic range of outcomes—from projects needing a more traditional, functional approach to those with a more expressive, vibrant tone. We can establish a look and feel for your materials that hits home with OHIO’s brand. 


Typical Projects and Timelines

  • Digital designs | 3 weeks
    (ex: digital display screens, web graphics, digital advertisements, presentations)
  • Print designs | 5 weeks
    (ex: flyers, posters, handouts, brochures, signage)
  • Mailer designs | 7 weeks
    (ex: postcards, letters)
  • Special designs and production | Contact UCM marketing services manager for timeline
    (ex: annual reports, t-shirts, plaques)
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Why do designs that are printed or mailed have longer timelines?

For printed designs, UCM works with our partners in Printing Services to print, score, fold, and otherwise produce physical materials. Communication between teams, actual production work, and transportation of materials take time. 

For mailed designs, UCM works with our partners in Mail Services to address and send mailers after the printing is done. Communication between teams, preparing items for the mail, and postal delivery take time. 

In order to be good partners, we aim to give both partner teams a few weeks integrate our work into their workflows. 

What should I do if my request involves several different service areas?

Fill out our request form and select "combination" as your request type. Please give us as much detail as possible. We will schedule a kick-off meeting to get all the details we need. 

Who can I reach out to for questions about this service?

Gabrielle Johnston 
Marketing Services Manager

Graphic Design Staff

Aaron Harden
Aaron Harden
Associate Director, Design
Lindley Hall S128
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown
Graphic Designer II
Lindley Hall
Kyle Lindner
Graphic Designer I
Lindley Hall
Portrait of Nicole Lovins
Nicole Lovins
Graphic Designer II
Lindley Hall
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Sarah McDowell
Art Director, Advancement
Lindley Hall
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Stacey Stewart
Art Director
Lindley Hall S130