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Forever OHIO

OHIO experiences become part of who you are and what you’ll be, forever.

OHIO Brand

Here, ‘Return on Experience’ matters most

At Ohio University, we believe the university experience can, should and will leave a lasting mark on our students and influence who they become today, tomorrow and forever.

The OHIO community seamlessly balances all the resources and expectations of a large national university with the development of real, personal connections. At OHIO, students become a part of a university community that supports them, that challenges them, and that allows them to explore interests and opportunities in and out of the classroom. That community extends far beyond the borders of campus to our global network of passionate alumni ready to lift up their fellow Bobcats.

Yes, we deliver value against an investment, but it’s the experience students have at OHIO that will last a lifetime and provide an immeasurable return. This brand platform was developed to reflect that.


Forever OHIO

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One of the key elements of the brand and narrative is a simple, yet powerful two-word rallying cry that guides the spirit of the work: “FOREVER OHIO.”

Forever OHIO speaks to the history of the university, and to being in tune with the needs and challenges of Ohio’s communities. We’ve been around “forever,” (or in our case, since 1804, but who’s counting) and as a result, we’ve learned a lot. These lessons still inform who we are today.

But on the flip side, it’s forward-looking. It’s that unspoken bond that connects us the moment students walk on campus or spot a Bobcat hoodie in the airport. It’s the experiences gained and lessons learned here in OHIO that will stay with students and alumni wherever their journeys take them. Yep, you guessed it—forever.

Bobcats stick together forever

Working together to refresh how we position ourselves in our marketing and communications is no different. If you have questions while creating work in the new brand, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Colors, Fonts, Logos and More

Looking for a brand asset, element or template? UCM is in the process of updating our branded assets in keeping with the new Forever OHIO brand platform, so please check back in Spring 2021 for tools you can use. New downloadable fonts and template materials are coming soon.


The Ohio University signature logo has not changed (at least not for now). 



The new color palette features traditional greens accented by new secondary colors. 


Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

Show your OHIO spirit with our downloadable backgrounds for virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

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