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  • The signature University logo must appear on all communication materials and promotional items.
  • Never show the logo mark without the logo type.
  • Maintain a minimum clear zone around the logo equal to the width of the “I” in OHIO in the logo type.
  • Do not use the signature logo on promotional items without permission from University Communications and Marketing.
  • Whenever possible, use the two-color version of the signature logo.
  • Never alter the logo from the versions shown in these branding guidelines.
  • Do not use the University seal, the Attack Cat, or the pawprint, unless you have appropriate permission.
  • Access and download approved logos online.
  • Ask University Communications and Marketing for help if you have any questions about using the logo.

Signature Logo

The heart of Ohio University’s brand is our signature logo. It is a trademark of the University, and as such, it must appear on all communication materials and promotional items and be represented exactly as outlined here unless you have obtained permission from University Communications and Marketing to do otherwise.

The signature logo should always be included on all materials and applications (including promotional items) for academic and/or administrative use. Marks associated with Intercollegiate Athletics are for their use only, unless approved by both Intercollegiate Athletics and UCM. 

Using the Signature Logo in print applications

Two elements make up the Ohio University logo:

Diagram of Ohio University logo elements

1. Ohio University logo mark
2. Ohio University logo type

The logo mark and the logo type should always be spaced and aligned as outlined on this page. NEVER use the logo mark without the logo type.

Always scale the logo proportionately. Do not reduce the logo in size below 1.5 inches in width.

In exceptional cases where space is limited, you may use the stacked version of the logo, shown below:

The stacked version of OHIO logo

Please consult with University Communications and Marketing before implementing the stacked format on anything.  


You must maintain a consistent “clear zone” on all four sides of the logo. The minimum clear zone is the width of the “I” in the University signature.

Diagram of Ohio University logo spacing requirements


Whenever possible, the logo should appear in its official form using Ohio University Green and Ohio University Gray.

If you can use only one color for the logo, you must use one of the options below:

  1. Ohio University Green
    Ohio University Logo in Green
  2. Ohio University Gray
    Ohio University Logo in Gray
  3. Black
    Ohio University Logo in Black
  4. White, On a dark background, reproduce the University logo in all white.
    Ohio University Logo in white with black background
  5. The logo also may be blind embossed or foil-stamped in silver or gold.

When using the signature on a complex background, it should be placed within a solid, single-color shape (e.g., a box or bar) that maintains the mark’s clear zones.

Ohio University Logo usage example on complex background


Using the Signature Logo Online

The same rules apply to online use of the signature logo, with these adjustments:

  • Do not reduce the logo in size below 154 pixels in width.
  • NEVER apply animation, 3D modeling, or other technologies to any component of the signature logo.

Logos in various Web-friendly formats are available for download. If you have an OHIO ID, click here. Other requests can be submitted here.


College, Department, and other sub-logos

Individual academic and administrative units can add their names to the University logo for official communication purposes, such as on stationery and email signatures. The name of the primary administrative or academic unit should appear on a single line below the logo mark in bold sans serif type. Please note that if the name of the administrative or academic unit extends beyond the equivalent of the width of the "H" in "OHIO," the name should be broken onto the next line.

Ohio University Logo example with secondary reference and spacing guide


The name of the individual school, department, or division and its mailing information should appear in a block one line below the name of the primary unit. This type is always in either Ohio University Gray or black.

Ohio University Logo with secondary reference and address


Always use official University typefaces —in this case, Barlow—when adding this type of information to the logo.

DO NOT devise or use any college, administrative unit, departmental, or other logo. Only the signature logo with the name of the unit is acceptable. Any separate brand identity must incorporate the signature logo in a complimentary manner and a guide must be developed to detail how that brand identity will incorporate the greater OHIO brand appropriately.

Ohio University Logos

The Ohio University Seal

Ohio University Official Seal in green and gray


The Ohio University seal is used to authenticate the highest official University documents, such as diplomas and legal documents. It also is the watermark for all official University stationery. Use of the seal on other materials is at the discretion of the president and the Board of Trustees.

NEVER substitute the University seal for the Ohio University signature logo.

The Attack Cat

OHIO Attack Cat Logo

The Attack Cat is a trademark of OHIO Intercollegiate (Bobcat) Athletics. NEVER substitute the Attack Cat and the OHIO typography that goes with it for the University signature logo for institutional or academic use.

You must obtain permission from Intercollegiate Athletics to use the Attack Cat logo.

The "Paw"

Historical Ohio University Paw logo

Although many alumni have fond associations with it, the “Paw” is an historical mark that is no longer used to represent Ohio University. While items displaying the Paw may be sold at retail locations in limited quantities for a limited time (such as merchandise from the University’s Heritage Collection), the Paw is no longer an institutional brand and may not be used by University offices or organizations to represent Ohio University.

Obtaining Logos

University Communications and Marketing offers multiple versions of the Ohio University signature logo for use in print and online. Members of Ohio University may access and download the logo file most appropriate for your project. This download resource includes the general OHIO logo as well as individual college, department, and center logo lockups.

Please note: The signature logo featuring standard casing for the unit name (e.g., “Division of University Advancement,” “Department of English”) is recommended for the great majority of uses. This default option may be used across the board and is the proper choice for official documents and communications with broad and/or external distribution, such as stationery, applications, contracts and other items.

We also provide the option for limited use of a variant, “heavier” look with the unit name in all caps. However, please note that this usage is a secondary option reserved for select pieces that have limited/localized distribution, such as invitations, departmental newsletters, or on banners/publicity materials for in-person events on campus.

If you have questions or would like assistance in determining appropriate logo usage for your project, please email Marketing Services Manager Gabrielle Blackwood Johnston.

access and download logos

Logos for use outside of Ohio University

Other requests may be submitted here.

Are you a vendor who wishes to use the logo (or any other marks associated with Ohio University) on items for sale? A license to use OHIO marks is required. Contact Tim Klaasen at CLC for more information and to obtain a license.

Tim Klaasen
Manager, Partnerships

Other Logos

Use of the Ohio University Seal is at the discretion of the Board of Trustees and the Office of the President. Contact those offices about use of the seal.

Use of the Attack Cat logo is at the discretion of OHIO Bobcat Athletics. Contact Intercollegiate Athletics about use of the Attack Cat logo.

Logo Application on University-Owned Vehicles

All official University vehicles other than those associated with Intercollegiate Athletics will be labeled with the University Signature. In accordance with the established guidelines for secondary reference on stationery, vehicles will be labeled in the same manner. Please see the first graphic in the "College, Department, and Other Sub-Logos" section above for a visual example.