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Evening and Weekend Campus Shuttles (CATS Late Night)


CATS Late Night Shuttles are a free, on-demand transit service for all OHIO students, faculty and staff, providing a safe and secure method of travel across campus.

Riders are encouraged to schedule rides in advance by downloading the TripShot App. Requests for on-demand service are also accepted — wait times are dependent on demand and load at time of reservation request and cannot be guaranteed.

Rider Best Practices

As a rider there are a few things you can do to help ensure you secure a ride that best fits your needs:

  1. Plan in advance: Download the TripShot app and schedule your ride by selecting "On Demand." 
  2. Be on time for your scheduled pickup time: Some days/times may be in high demand. Drivers are not permitted to wait — riders must be present at time of pick-up. 
  3. Questions: Contact our Dispatch team by calling or texting 740-593-4040 during service hours.

Service Hours and Locations

CATS Late Night services are offered during the academic year, service is not in operation over summer and break periods

  • Monday-Friday: 5:30 PM-11 PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: 6:00 PM-11 PM

CATS Late Night Services Designated On-Campus Stop Locations

Rides may be requested from one designated stop to another during service times. Designated stop locations are listed in the table.

South GreenCollege GreenEast GreenWest GreenUnion GreenInnovation CenterRidges
LLCClass GatewayMcCracken*Richland AveHeritage Hall*The Innovation Center*Kennedy Museum*
Lot 54*Memorial Auditorium*Mill/Stewart StreetStocker Center*Central Food*  
Lot 57Upper Baker University Center* Lower Baker University Center*   
Front Four      

*Locations are also designated CATS daytime shuttle stops.

 TripShot: Ride Requests Made Easy

Using the TripShot App with Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to easily view and reserve rides for CATS Late Night Shuttles. Once you have downloaded the TripShot app, click "Choose Public System" and you will find Ohio University in the dropdown menu. After selecting Ohio University, you will have the option to login with your OHIO email.

Riders are encouraged to schedule rides in advance.

Transportation & Parking Services strives to accommodate all requests in a timely fashion, as demand allows. Riders will be asked to provide OHIO credentials along with pick-up and drop-off locations at time of request. Riders should ensure timely arrival at designated pick-up locations for ride requests — to ensure efficient service for requests, drivers are unable to wait for riders beyond the designated pick-up time. 

Get Started with TripShot

Making a Reservation

  1. From the Home screen of the TripShot App, select "On Demand"
  2. Your service zone map will appear, if applicable
  3. Tap "Where would you like to go," to see your options
  4. Select your destination
  5. Review your pick-up location and the pick-up/drop-off times

Note: On-Demand options can also be found under "Trip Planner"

Images of 3 phones display what options to select to make a reservation. 1. On demand 2. Where Would You Like to Go? 3. 1st Stop

Confirming Your Reservation

  1. Click "Request Ride" to confirm your trip
  2. You can now:
    • View real-time location and accurate ETAs of the shuttle
    • View driver and shuttle info
    • Cancel the trip, if needed
  3. Visit "My Trips" to see your on-demand ride
Images of 3 phones display what options to select to confirm a reservation. 1. Pickup Notes and Request Ride 2. Route 3. On Demand Ride

CATS Late Night Code of Conduct

Ohio University is committed to providing a safe and reliable transit experience to our campus community. Vehicle operators are provided training on keeping passengers, pedestrians and motorists safe and driving protocols/best practices. Please help us in maintaining this high standard of safety by observing the following rules and riding considerations.

Onboard courtesy and safety:

  • Drivers are happy to provide assistance with service-related information. However, please refrain from distracting the driver by conversing with him/her/they while driving. 
  • Riders should be outside, ready and waiting at their designated pick-up location, promptly at their pickup time. To ensure we can meet campus transit needs, drivers are unable to wait for riders who are not present at their pickup time. 
  • TPS is responsible for determination of passenger seating configurations, riders must abide by seating preferences outlined by TPS staff (may include spaced seating arrangements, reduced passenger occupancy, restriction of front seat passengers)
  • Any luggage/backpacks/purses or other personal belongings are the responsibility of the rider to load and unload. Drivers are not permitted to assist riders in any way.
  • TPS is responsible for determining travel routes and driver protocols. Route changes or requests for drivers to deviate from departmental driving protocols will not be honored.
  • Disruptive conduct or behavior that interferes with the operation of the transit system or with patrons or employees may result in loss of riding privileges and discontinuation of service. 
  • We do not permit back-to-back ride requests to ensure equal availability of time slots to all riders. Only one ride per hour is permitted.
  • If a time slot change or cancellation is required, riders must do so at least one hour prior to their pickup time. If a ride is not cancelled it will be documented as a no show. Three no shows in one semester will result in suspension from service.
  • All riders must abide by Ohio University Drug & Alcohol Student Policy. 
  • For additional information on local ride share and taxi transit options, visit the Office of Sustainability's transportation resources page.

Riders should review these procedures regularly to ensure compliance.