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Contractor & Vendor Parking

Transportation & Parking Services recognizes the important role contractors and vendors play to campus operations. Several permit options are available to accommodate campus parking needs.

Contractor & vendors are encouraged to obtain parking permits for campus by visiting the Transportation & Parking Services Office. A photo ID is required at time of permit issuance. Contractor & Vendor Permits are valid for use by the contracting/vending company in which they were issued to. Permits are for employees working for Ohio University as a company representative, and should not be used by students  or faculty/staff.

Permit Types & Fees

Contractor & Vendor permits are valid in the following campus parking lots

  • South Green: South Green Garage Lots 79 & 78
  • East Green: Jefferson Hall Lot 104
  • West Green: Convocation Center Lots 127 & 128,  Walter Field House Lot 133
  • Union Green: Facilities Management Lot 148
  • West State Street: Lot 149
  • Ridges: Lots 201 & 210

For parking access to areas outside of the designated parking locations identified above, university Project Managers should complete a Restricted Access Permit Request Form.  Requests are reviewed and awarded on a case-by-case basis. 

Please see the Contractor & Vendor Permit Fee Schedule for campus parking rates.


Loading Dock Access

Designated service and loading docks are available near university facilities.  Box trucks, semi's, and other industrial sized delivery vehicles may park in designated loading docks without a permit for a maximum of 30 minutes for delivery purposes.  These vehicle types exceeding 30 minutes may receive a fine.  Personal vehicles or vehicles who do not meet this description type should contact Transportation & Parking Services for alternative parking locations to meet loading needs.


Permit Guidelines

For detailed permit information & practices please refer to Usage Guidelines


Road & Sidewalk Closures

Transportation & Parking Services oversees road and sidewalk closures & approvals for campus. Requests should be submitted with associated MOT plans via the Road/Sidewalk Closure Request Form.

Road/Sidewalk closure requests should be submitted to Transportation & Parking Services for review and approval with a minimum of 5 business days notice. Closures should adhere to federal Manual Uniform of Traffic Control Device standards.


Space Reservations

Projects which require the utilization of spaces on campus (storage of materials/equipment, lay down areas, dumpster placement, etc.) or require spaces to be taken offline for a specific period of time to complete a project will be required to pay a daily reservation fee for spaces used and labor costs associated with securing needed spaces. In addition to these space reservation fees, contractors/vendors will also be required to obtain a contractor/vendor permit if their intent is to park within spaces that are taken off- line.

Projects which require the storage of trailers, dumpsters, or storage units on campus (in parking spaces or grass areas) will be required to pay a utilization fee for spaces/areas taken offline. This does not include the storage of trailers, units, or dumpsters within designated fenced construction zones unless the designated location consists of marked parking locations. Any vehicles parked within designated construction areas regardless of fenced in area will be required to obtain a permit to park within the area.

Space reservations should be coordinated in advance of project by the university project manager. Contractors/vendors should work with their project manager to identify parking plan and space access needs which can be provided to Transportation & Parking Services for processing and review. Requests should include location and number of spaces impacted with accompanying visual, purpose for use of spaces, and duration of impact.