Ohio University

Enforcement Guidelines

When are lots enforced and when are they open to the public?

  • Dark green and purple lots are open from  5:00 PM to 7:00 AM (EST) make sure to carefully review lot signage to ensure no restrictions prior to parking
  • Priority lots and reserved spaces are monitored 24/7

When are meters enforced and why?

  • Meters are enforced Monday - Sunday 24/7
  • Meters are enforced to ensure all persons parking on campus have space to park in desired locations 

Can I leave my car overnight? 

  • Vehicles should not be left overnight unless you hold a permit that allows storage parking. If you find a need to leave your vehicle overnight please contact our office

What do I do if I get a citation? 

  • A citation is given because the vehicle/owner were not following parking procedures.
  • If you feel that you've received this citation in error please contact our office.
  • You can appeal your citation through your parking portal but must be paid first. 
    • Prior to your appeal, please call our office to see if you are eligible for a void or reduction in fees.

When am I eligible for a parking boot on my car?

Once you have met one of the criteria below you may be subject to a parking boot placed on your vehicle. Contact Customer Care directly if you have a question or concern about receiving a parking boot.

  • Unpaid Citations
    • Individual owes $90 in unpaid citations or a total of 3 unpaid citations of which are 10 days or older - OR- 
    • If citations are billed to a student account and not paid in full within 60 days - OR-
    • If the individual has unpaid citations that have been sent to Collections and are still unpaid at the time of the next parking citation. 
  • Repeat Offender
    • If your vehicle has received five (5) or more (paid or unpaid) citations within a semester for the same violation. 
  • Excessive Repeat Offender
    • If the individual or vehicle has received ten (10) or more (paid or unpaid) citations within a semester AND has been booted at least one time for Repeat Offender. 
  • Lost or Stolen Permit
    • The vehicle is displaying a permit that has been reported as lost or stolen. 
  • Altered or Fake Permit
    • The individual is using a permit that has been scanned, copied, duplicated, dates modified, or using both the printed and plastic version of the same permit at one time. 
  • Illegal Use of a Permit
    • The student is displaying a current commuter permit as well as a permit for nearby off-campus housing that is not eligible for campus parking - OR -
    • Sharing a permit with another individual.