Ohio University

Vehicle Rental Services

University-Sponsored Travel Requests

We offer a full service fleet of rental vehicles for official university business & travel needs to accommodate OHIO departments and student organizations. Rental vehicle offerings include sedans, mini-vans, SUV's, 8-12 passenger & cargo vans.  Daily, monthly & long-term lease/reservations available.

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Rental Eligibility & Driver Safety:

  • Drivers must be at least 18 years of age, possess a valid US driver's license in good standing & have an active OHIO ID.
  • Reservation requests may only be submitted for official university travel/business purposes. Reservations are not permitted for personal rental/travel.
  • Drivers must obey all traffic laws and exercise safe driving practices when utilizing rental vehicles.
  • Reservation requests should be cancelled at least 24 business hours prior to the designated pick-up time to avoid cancellation fees.

Personal Travel Requests

Ohio University is proud to partner with Zipcar University to provide "wheels when you want them" a rental vehicle accommodation for personal and public use. Discounts are offered to current faculty/staff & students.

Campus boasts four rental vehicles located in two convenient service locations: 

  • Porter Hall (Parking Lot 120)
  • South Green Drive (Living & Learning Center).

Visit the Zipcar website in the quick link located on the right sidebar for registration and service guideline information.