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OHIO account, PID, and password

OHIO account, PID, and password

Setting up your OHIO account 

If you are new to the University or returning after an extended absence, you will need to activate your OHIO ID.  Your OHIO ID includes the first letter of your first and last name followed by six numerals (example: aa000000). Your OHIO email address is your

  • Ensure you create a strong password using the University's password requirements.  

    • Many applications supported by OIT use Single Sign-On (SSO), which lets you access various systems with your OHIO email and password.  

    • If an application does not use SSO, do not use the same password you use for your OHIO log-in, but we still recommend following the University password requirements.  

  • Enroll in Multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA protects you against lost or stolen passwords by adding a verification step to your OHIO login using Azure MFA. 

  • Faculty and staff can access a password manager, which allows you to centrally manage and store multiple passwords behind one strong master password. 

Finding your PID 

Your PID is Ohio University's way of identifying you without needing to use a sensitive piece of information like your Social Security number.  

Be sure to protect your PID like you would your student ID card or other identifiable information.  


Using your account 

Your OHIO email and password are required to access most online services at Ohio University, such as: 

  • My OHIO Student Center -  An application used for storing, managing, and updating student information such as registration and finances 

  • My OHIO Success Network -  An information and communications hub for students, faculty, and student support staff  

  • Blackboard Learn - An interactive online tool for course-related materials and interactions between students and instructors 

  • University Library Services - An account providing access to technology, research tools and information, and meeting spaces 

  • Catmail - Office 365-based email account used for students, faculty, staff, and alumni 

  • Workforce - Application used for time and attendance tracking for student and hourly employees 

Keeping your account secure 

The Ohio University Information Security Office has many resources to make sure your online activities are safe and secure. Security is everyone's responsibility! Keeping your personal information safe is crucial. 

Additional resources

For more information about these topics, view our Help and Resources page for OHIO accounts, passwords, and logins. 


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