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Bicycle Storage


Bicycling is a sustainable means of commuting to, from and across campus.  Ohio University and Athens City have continued to improve bike lanes to accommodate cycling activities as a means of transportation on campus and throughout surrounding city/county locations.


Parking Information

Bicycles should be stored in a designated bike rack, which are located across campus.  Bicycles should be locked appropriately and are stored at the owner's risk.  A U-Lock is highly recommended to prevent theft and tampering. Bicycles should not be chained to benches, sign posts, and other areas not designated as a bike rack. 


For security purposes, it is recommended that any bicycle that will be kept on campus be registered with the Ohio University Police Department. A description of the bicycle (or picture) is needed as well as the bicycle's serial number.


Route Maps

For local bike route information please visit the Athens Ohio Bike Route Map