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Shared Active Transportation Programs

OHIO supports sustainability through promoting the use of safe, reliable and affordable multi-modal transportation options including shared mobility devices such as e-scooters. The following guidelines have been established to ensure the safe operation and effective management of these devices throughout the Athens campus.

E-Scooter Safety & Campus Operating Guidelines:

Hours Of Operation: 6 AM - 9 PM Daily

Safety Best Practices:

Cell Phone

Protect Yourself

Don't Forget Your Helmet!

Beware Of Your Surroundings

Yield To Pedestrians!

Be Alert & Attentive

Don't Drive Distracted! 

Ride Responsibly

Obey Rules of the Road


  • Practice safe driving:  when operating a shared mobility device please obey all rules of the roadway and adhere to traffic signs and signals. 
    • Do not operate devices in university buildings/facilities or designated campus "no-ride zones" such as College Green.
    • Yield to pedestrians - operate scooters at a reduced speed, stop at crosswalks and maintain a safe pedestrian/scooter distance
    • Scooters are for single occupancy only - passengers are not permitted
    • Practice responsible driving, racing or unsafe driving is prohibited
    • Share the road - never ride against the flow of traffic
    • Dress to be seen, wear bright/reflective clothing when operating during evening hours
    • Follow these tips for increased safety measures when operating shared mobility devices 
  • Be attentive: watch for uneven surfaces, debris, and pedestrians
  • Avoid distractions:  store your phone and earbuds away and keep both hands on the handlebars to ensure focus on scooter operation, don't drive distracted
  • Designated Parking: when parking on campus devices must be returned to a designated mandatory parking point. These areas are designated within the Spin App and by e-scooter parking emblems on the ground. Your device will not allow you to end your trip until you are in a designated parking area. Effective 8/24 additional parking areas have been added to allow more options to begin and end trips. 
    • Designated Campus E-Scooter Parking Areas Located Near:
      • College Green: Bentley, Scott Quad, Voigt, Hudson Health Center, Alden Library, Upper Baker Center
      • East Green: Seigfred, Glidden, Biddle/Lincoln, Morton, McCraken, Jefferson
      • South Green: Nelson, Carr, Ping Recreation Center, Ewing, True
      • West/Union Green: Walter Hall, Lower Baker University Center, Walter Fieldhouse, Peden Stadium, Convocation Center, Grosvenor Hall, Academic Research Center (ARC), Central Food Facility, Medical Education Center, Heritage Hall, West State Street Innovation Center
      • The Ridges: Parking Lot 209 Near Building 21
      • Escooter Parking Designation
    • Ensure that devices are not parked in a manner which impedes pedestrian pathways, building ingress or egress, stairwells, ADA access or ramps.
    • While e-scooter users may also utilize campus bike racks, users are encouraged to utilized designated e-scooter parking locations rather than stand-alone bike racks when possible to avoid congestion and ensure adequate parking for all active transportation users. 
    • Scooter parking should not disrupt campus landscaping, block campus parking locations or impede upon roadways or sidewalk access
    • We encourage anyone who observes improper parking to report this issue directly to the e-scooter company or TPS.
  • Device charging: charging is prohibited using any OHIO source of electricity for shared mobility devices

Recommendations & operational best practices are intended to increase safety but are not intended to be an exhaustive list of safety precautions or guarantee operator safety. Operators are expected to review and abide by any service terms and conditions, devices are operated at users own risk.

Feedback & Service Reporting:

Ohio University partners with Spin to provide shared mobility programs for campus. E-scooters are owned and operated by Spin. All service charges incurred are through the e-scooter service provider not Ohio University.

Spin Customer Service (24 Hours): 1-888-262-5189 support@spin.pm

  • Report improper device parking, device charging or maintenance issues, or for service/account questions/concerns please contact the shared mobility provider directly for customer care assistance and service issue resolution.

TPS Customer Care Center: 740-593-1917  tps@ohio.edu

  • Report devices blocking ingress/egress and in need of immediate removal to facilitate pedestrian access or accessibility please contact the TPS Customer Care Center for further assistance.

Interested in Operating a Shared Mobility Program On Campus?

Shared mobility service providers wishing to operate on the Ohio University Athens campus must also be licensed for operation within the City of Athens. Please click here to learn more about Athens City requirements. For additional information regarding university operating considerations and trial service requirements please contact the Transportation & Parking Services (TPS) Customer Care Center at 740-593-1917 or tps@ohio.edu.