Ohio University

Parking Lot Snow & Ice Removal

To accommodate snow and ice removal efforts during inclement weather periods the following guidelines have been established for campus parking facilities:

Key parking lots throughout campus have been selected as Tier I emergency locations to coordinate snow and ice removal efforts.

Tier I parking lot restrictions are enacted annually December 15 - March 15. Lots designated as Tier I locations prohibit parking between the hours of 1 am and 6 am daily to allow personnel to quickly and safely clear parking locations.

Tier I location signage is posted within the appropriate lot entrances/exits and display restricted parking hours. Any vehicles remaining in Tier I parking lots after 1 am may be subject to fines/towing. 

Lots Designated as Tier I Snow & Ice Removal Locations are:

  • Morton Hall: Parking Lot 90 
  • Convocation Center: Parking Lot 129 
  • Walter Hall: Parking Lot 134 
  • WUSOC: Parking Lot 154