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Motorcycle Guidelines

The following guidelines are in place for those parking a motorcycle on the Ohio University campus. 

Where can I park my motorcycle on campus?

Parking accommodations are available for those driving a motorcycle to campus. Daily motorcycle parking is available (indicated by 'D MC' on the campus map) for those accessing campus daily or on hourly basis. Storage motorcycle parking is available (indicated by 'S MC' on the campus map) for residential students needing to park a motorcycle overnight on campus. Motorcycles may also park in a metered space however are required to use a kick-stand plate. If parking at a meter all hourly fees must be paid. Daily Motorcycle permits are eligible to park in both daily and storage areas while Storage Motorcycle permits are eligible to park in storage areas only. 

Is a parking pass required for my motorcycle?

A campus parking permit or paid hourly rate is required when parking your motorcycle on campus. Daily and Storage motorcycle permits can be purchased from the Transportation & Parking Office in increments of one month. Daily use permits are $4/month and Storage use permits are $8/month. Motorcycle permits are available to current faculty, staff, and students. Those without a standard campus parking permit will be issued a motorcycle parking permit decal which should be displayed in the middle portion of the right front fork of the bike. Motorcycle parking permits are license plate specific and the license plate number will be required at the time of purchase. 

Motorcycle decals can be purchased from the Transportation & Parking office located at 100 Factory Street, Athens OH 45701. Motorcycle parking privileges can be purchased and added to an existing campus permit at the Transportation & Parking office or by phone at 740-593-1917. 

A parking permit lock is available for purchase from the Transportation & Parking office for $25.

Can I have my motorcycle and regular car registered on my account at the same time?

Yes, an individual may have a regular passenger vehicle and a motorcycle registered on their account. Campus parking permits issued to the individuals passenger vehicle may also be used on the motorcycle if registered with the Transportation and Parking Office. The Daily or Storage permit fee would apply and the individual should use a permit locking device when used on their motorcycle. Those with a Commuter, Faculty/Staff, Employee, or other daily standard permit may utilize Daily or Storage motorcycle parking areas. Those with a residential student permit such as Red Lot, Blue Lot, Campus Garage, or other overnight permit must utilize Storage motorcycle parking areas.