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University Vehicle Acquisition & Disposition Process

University Vehicle Acquisition & Disposition Process

The following outline provides the best practice considerations for Ohio University departments engaging in vehicle acquisition, use, and disposition support activities in alignment with university policy 47.001 (Safety, Procurement, Operation, Maintenance & Disposition of University Vehicles). This guidance relates to university owned motor vehicles, heavy equipment, buses, boats, golf carts, low speed vehicles and trailers. 

Vehicle Acquisition Process

Acquisition of any new, used, donated, or leased motor vehicle requires approval of the authorizing department's vice president, dean (in conjunction with the provost), or CFAO and the Director of VPFA Auxiliary Services, Transportation & Parking Services. Departments shall not commit to buying a vehicle before a Vehicle Acquisition Form has been completed and all established approvals are in place. 

Ohio University Departments must utilize Transportation & Parking Services (TPS) as a resource for vehicle specification review in advance of a new or used vehicle purchase. TPS will ensure that standard vehicle safety features align with university operating requirements and provide maintenance considerations or vehicle up fitting guidance as appropriate. 

The following acquisition guidelines shall be adhered to when engaging in an RFP process or purchase for a new, used, or leased vehicle asset:

  1. Purchasing department must include vehicle specification sheets, bill of sale, and the Vehicle Acquisition Form in BobcatBUY when generating a PO request as a part of the RFP process. If the vehicle purchase is not coordinated with Procurement through an RFP process the purchasing department should notify TPS that a PO for acquisition of a vehicle has been created with accompanying documents.
  2. Vendor must submit all forms/documents required for purchase and delivery to TPS for review. Forms must be submitted at minimum 3 business days in advance of delivery/inspection, preference is to have vendors provide forms as a part of the RFP process.
    1. There are certain vehicle purchase provisions and document considerations that Ohio University cannot legally agree to, advanced review of documents allows time for necessary revisions and feedback to be provided to vendor. 
  3. Vendor will deliver vehicles to TPS (100 Factory Street) for inspection prior to paperwork completion. Date/time of delivery must occur between 8AM - 3PM Monday-Friday and be coordinated with TPS in advance. The purchasing department must arrange to have a contact present at time of vehicle and delivery & inspection.
  4. TPS will notify purchasing department of vehicle release date following inspection, paperwork completion, and any necessary processing activities. Used vehicles will be required to undergo an annual vehicle safety inspection before being released to the department. TPS will coordinate all titling, registration, and licensing activities. 
    1. Vehicles must be titled to Ohio University- personal names or departments cannot be included on title.
  5. Upon notification by TPS of vehicle acceptance/inspection, the purchasing department is responsible for submitting signed bill of sale to Accounts Payable for Vendor Payment (Ohio University operates on net 30 payment unless specified otherwise in vendor contract/agreement).

Vehicle Safety, Operation & Maintenance

  1. University Policy 47.001 provides additional guidance on vehicle safety and operational considerations. Departments are encouraged to review this policy and share with any staff who manage or utilize university vehicle assets.
  2. Preventative maintenance is a crucial component of maintaining a well outfitted vehicle, safety inspections should be completed annually, and departments should coordinate routine and unscheduled maintenance needs with the Ohio University Vehicle Maintenance Center operated by TPS as appropriate. Regional campuses may utilize local maintenance and inspection services with prior approval from TPS.
  3. All fueling needs should also be coordinated through the TPS office.

Vehicle Disposition

  1. A university vehicle is identified for disposition based on one of the following criteria.
    1. The assigned university department has decided that the vehicle is no longer needed based on operational need, financial, or other considerations.
    2. The vehicle failed an annual safety inspection at which time the items identified as deficient are not repairable and pose a safety risk.
  2. The assigned university department will remove all personal items from the vehicle and turn it into the TPS office. All sets of keys, green gas key fob, and Voyager cards should be surrendered at this time as well. 
  3. TPS will complete the EI-8 Equipment Status Change form and submit this to Moving & Surplus as well as the Inventory Office. 
  4. TPS will submit the following information to Moving & Surplus:
    1. Vehicle Title
    2. Paper copy of the EI-8 Equipment Status Change Form
    3. All sets of keys to the vehicle
    4. A written summary indicating any known vehicle deficiencies, current mileage, VIN, Year, Make, Model, Color, vehicle contact, and appropriate account number for sales revenue. 
    5. TPS will remove any decals or identifying markings from the vehicle, the license plate and any other specialized equipment the department request be kept (i.e. OUPD specialized equipment, etc.)
    6. TPS will deliver the vehicle to Moving & Surplus once all prep activities are complete.
    7. Moving & Surplus completes accounting correction/billing/deposit of sales revenue on qualifying purchases to the assigned department.