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Contractor & Vendor Fee Schedule

Contractor & vendor permit fees schedules are outlined below:

All permits must be paid in advance prior to issuance. A photo ID and license plate information should be provided at time of permit issuance. Outstanding account balances should be resolved in advance of permit purchase.

Carpooling is recommended if possible to reduce emissions and overcrowding within lots.

Time Frame Cost of Traditional Permit Cost of Special Access Permit
Daily $5 $8
Monthly $80 $120
Quarterly $200 $300
Yearly $600 $900

* Companies working on projects requiring access to specific areas not listed on the traditional contractor permit will need to apply for a restricted access permit. This request must be generated from the designated project manager to Transportation & Parking Services and include impacted areas, nature of work, and work completion time frames. Permits will be issued at the discretion of Transportation & Parking Services based on lot availability.