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Ohio University's Office of Sustainability offers guest lectures on Sustainability topics.  Past guest lectures have covered:

  • basic concepts of sustainability
  • the Ohio University Sustainability & Climate Action Plan
  • sustainability of Ohio University stormwater, building or energy infrastructure
  • Ohio University sustainability reporting and recognitions
  • sustainability tools such as Triple Bottom Line Cost Benefit Analyses, Life Cycle Costing, Life Cycle Assessment, LEED rating systems and greenhouse gas inventories

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Additional Presentations:


Any administrative or academic unit interested in learning more about the Sustainability Tracking & Evaluation Program (STEP) is encouraged to invite a member of our team to give a presentation during an upcoming staff meeting.  At that meeting, we will provide information about the program, offer suggestions as to how to tackle its contents and answer any questions from your team. This presentation will take approximately 20 minutes, depending on quantity of questions  (longer if your team wants a full sustainability presentation).

Call to Sustain:

Call to Sustain

The Call to Sustain campaign is a peer-education effort aimed at informing students, faculty, staff, and community members about sustainability and encouraging them make a pledge to lessen their impact on the Earth.
For students: Call to Sustain can be requested as a component of a classroom presentation or our student peer educations can attend other events, meetings, etc. with our giant globes and pledge sign.
For Faculty/Staff: Call to Sustain can be requested as a guest presentation at staff meetings across campus.  In such situations, the presenter will be a University employee and will be able to discuss workplace sustainability as a peer education program.
 More information about this program can be viewed on the Call to Sustain page.