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Undergraduate Programs


The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism

Journalism is a profession that incorporates knowledge from various disciplines, as well as critical thinking and practical application skills. At the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism (JOUR), the curriculum is blended with a strong liberal arts foundation and professional skills courses.

News & Information
Strategic Communication

The J. W. McClure School of Information and Telecommunication Systems

The J. Warren McClure School of Information and Telecommunication Systems (ITS) is one of only a few academic programs in the nation that concentrate on producing business-savvy, technologically knowledgeable telecom professionals.

Information and Telecommunication Systems


The School of Communication Studies

The School of Communication Studies (COMS) offers three distinct academic programs for students. The Bachelor of Science Degree promotes a liberal arts orientation whereby students learn to pose questions and pursue answers by critically thinking, describing, synthesizing, critiquing and imagining.

The School has three emphasis areas, but are all listed as the same major:
Health Communication
Organizational Communication
Communication and Public Advocacy


The School of Media Arts and Studies

The School of Media Arts & Studies (MDIA) prepares well-rounded, proactive individuals to think critically, act creatively and practice ethically in a global media society. Students can focus in an area of specific interest while also taking advantage of a broad-based liberal arts curriculum that enhances long-term success.

Media & Social Change
Games & Animation
Music Production & Recording Industry
Screenwriting & Producing
Integrated Media


The School of Visual Communication

The School of Visual Communication (VICO) is all about storytelling in the most compelling way, whether it be through information design (interactive and publication), photojournalism or commercial photography.

Commercial Photography
Informational Design: Interactive Media
Informational Design: Publication


Online Degree Program

Applied Communication

Ohio University's bachelor of science in communication in the applied communication major is an online degree completion program designed for associate degree graduates who want to further their education and advance their careers. Courses are taught entirely online at a pace convenient to a working adult.

Minors & Certificates FAQs

What is a minor?
Minors provide students with the opportunity to pursue a specialized area of study in addition to the courses of their major. A student earns a minor to create a strong foundation for his or her career, and/or to pursue a passion.

How do I declare a minor?
If you are a Scripps College of Communication student, go to your school office to declare a minor.

What is a certificate?
A certificate program is an interdisciplinary program that can complement your major, broaden your career possibilities or allow you to study an area of interest from a variety of perspectives.

How do I declare a certificate?
Contact your certificate’s director to declare a certificate.

How many credit hours are needed to complete a minor or certificate?
Most minors/certificates require 15 to 18 hours. Check the Undergraduate Catalog for the specific program that interests you.

For information about minors and certificates offered by other colleges at Ohio University, please see the undergraduate catalog at:


Journalism offers students an overview of the role of media in society and an understanding of basic theories and practices of newsgathering and strategic communication.

Information and Telecommunication Systems
Information and Telecommunication Systems is for any student who will benefit from systematic grounding in telecom networking.

Screenwriting and Digital Storytelling
The Screenwriting and Digital Storytelling minor gives students an in-depth look at the processes and disciplines of writing and storytelling in the School of Media Arts & Studies.

Communication Studies
Communication Studies offers students an opportunity to learn the foundations of communication in various contexts including cultural, group and interpersonal contexts.

Certificates Administered by Scripps College of Communication

Political Communication
Political communication encompasses the interactions of political figures, political interests, the press and the public in their efforts to persuade and influence political outcomes.
Contact: Dr. William Benoit,

Social Media
The field of social media, which was almost nonexistent a decade ago, is now a driving force behind businesses and organizations, as well as individuals. This certificate explores the critical role that social media plays in everyday life.
Contact: Dr. Karen Riggs,

Other Certificates Popular with Scripps Students

Diversity Studies (Patton College of Education)
Entrepreneurship (Center for Entrepreneurship)
Environmental Studies (Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs)
Global Leadership (Global Leadership Center)
Sales (Schey Sales Centre)
Women and Gender Studies (College of Arts & Sciences)