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Storytelling is Our Passion.

Our competitive program in southeastern Ohio draws talented students from around the globe to elevate their visual communication talents to the highest level. We’re all about storytelling in the most compelling way, whether it be through information design, photojournalism, or commercial photography. The VisCom faculty is top-notch, and our students are talented, smart, and driven to succeed.


Undergraduate: The Four Majors

The School of Visual Communication (VisCom) offers an interdisciplinary visual communication degree in four specialized sequences.



The photojournalism sequence focuses on photographing people and places within the community.

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Information Graphics/Publication Design

Students create infographics, maps, illustrations and layouts for feature and news presentations.

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Commercial Photography

Commercial photography students create images that showcase fashion, still life, portraiture and architecture.

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Students integrate audio, video, still images and illustrations for the web and mobile devices.

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Graduate: Four Fields of Study

VisCom offers two programs leading to the Master of Arts degree or a Master of Fine Arts degree with a study in areas of visual communication.



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