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Game Research Immersive Design (GRID) Lab

Student in front of a green screen in the GRID lab

Leading what's new and next in communication technology

In the GRID Lab, students get hands-on experience developing projects and research using augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies. Through coursework and student employment, students gain skills and experience with the emerging technologies that are essential to the gaming industry and beyond.

Projects and research focus on serious and educational games, simulations, computer animation and motion capture. The GRID Lab's reach extends across the University and region to collaborate with and serve partners in the fields of health care, law enforcement, education, the arts and beyond.





All the time

Academic Credit

Sometimes, sometimes it's a student job

Cost & Scholarship Availability

Students don't pay to do any of the work--it's either for a class or they GET paid to do it!


"My GRID Lab experience of working on a project (J.A.N.I.S) using the mixed reality course helped me improve my communication and collaboration skills, and it exposed me to working with a really great team. I firmly believe that getting the opportunity to work here also helped me get closer to realizing what I want to do as a career, which is designing intriguing and interactive experiences for others to enjoy!"


-- Jada Ashmeade