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Rough Cut Collective

Members of Rough Cut Collective in their Halloween costumes

Rough Cut Collective is a student organization where students from all majors can come together to create short films. These films are made entirely by students; they write the scripts and fill the various crew roles in the pre-production, production, and post-production processes. These roles include (but are not limited to) director, producer, director of photography, assistant camera, art department, makeup, editor, VFX artist, music composer, animator, etc. Outside of our film sets, we provide a Writers' Room every Monday where students can have their scripts read/pitch ideas, and receive feedback. We also have weekly meetings every Wednesday were the entire club comes together for workshops and activities related to movies and the filmmaking process. We also host two film premiers (Fall and Spring) at the Athena to showcase the work produced by our club members and other likeminded students.




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