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Thread Magazine

Thread Magazine is an online and print fashion-forward culture magazine directed toward all genders. The publication is completely run by students and created with integrity and dedication. Students work in a diverse selection of departments, including editorial, photography, fashion, business, design, illustration, and public relations.

Thread publishes four digital and print issues each academic year. Thread also hosts two fashion shows, a charity auction, fundraisers, and more events to bring Athens together.



Year-round, publishes two issues/semester

Academic Credit

No academic credit

Cost & Scholarship Availability

Thread members pay $10 in dues each academic year. The funds go toward operation costs and ensure one’s name is in the masthead.


"Thread is the perfect place for anyone to express themselves. We encourage thoughtfulness and individuality through an inclusive atmosphere. As Ohio University's largest fashion and culture magazine, we showcase the beauty of Athens through artistically driven storytelling and visuals."


-Kayla Bennett, Journalism major